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Mothers play a truly irreplaceable role in our lives. This Mother’s Day we celebrate all moms as we get a unique perspective from our guests Shanna Shumaker and Terri Nordone. The two share their experience as mothers who have both lost children in different ways. Both women display the strength and love that only a mother can on this special Mother’s Day episode of Straight Talk on Life Issues. 


Helping Men, Women and Families Recover after Abortion

Abortion has a deep ripple effect. You may have chosen abortion personally, lost a child to abortion, or your life has been profoundly affected by abortion. SaveOne can help you through the healing process.

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Glass Half Empty, Abortion Advocacy in Medicine

When one thinks about abortion advocacy within the medical community, obstetricians and gynecologists come to mind. But this cancer has infiltrated other medical specialties.

Roe v Wade ushered in a mentality that the unborn are expendable when challenges arise in or out of the womb. That malignant attitude has metastasized throughout many of our medical institutions and the herculean task before us is to once again place innocent human life as the first priority.

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Creating Lasting Memories

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep is a national organization made up of over 3,200 professional photographers who take pictures of infants with a terminal prognosis. They recognize the importance of capturing history with the photos. For the families welcoming their child into the world it doesn’t matter if the baby is still born, or lives for a few minutes, the life is remembered through pictures.

Silent No More

Abortion is often described as an easy fix, but a growing number of women say abortion left them with more problems than it solved. All say if they could do it over, they’d choose life for their children.


St. Gerard Campus Helps Mothers in Crisis

Critics who claim that the Pro-life Movement doesn’t care about women have never visited St. Gerard Campus.

Located in St. Augustine, Florida, the non-profit maternity home and fully-accredited Christian high school is dedicated to caring for mothers in crisis. Since its founding in 1981, the Campus has supported 45,000 mothers and their babies! And the best part? They do not offer abortion.

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National Memorial for the Unborn

The National Memorial for the Unborn is dedicated to serve those who experience loss and grief associated with the abortion of unborn children. By valuing the brief life of the unborn child with a permanent memorial in a place of dignity and respect, the National Memorial for the Unborn assists in moving from pain and guilt to forgiveness and restoration.

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Heaven’s Gain Ministries

Heaven’s Gain Ministries’ mission is to provide for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of families experiencing pregnancy loss: before, during, and after the delivery of their precious baby.

Pregnancy loss is not rare. One in five pregnancies ends in miscarriage during the first trimester. In the second trimester, one out of 33 babies is miscarried, stillborn or dies prematurely. In the third trimester, one in 160 babies is stillborn or dies after being born prematurely. You are not alone, and we are here to help.

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Perinatal Hospice, the Most Loving Option

Few things in life derail a parent’s world more than being informed that the unborn baby they were excitedly anticipating has an illness deemed “incompatible with life” or “a life-limiting condition.” Perinatal hospice is the most loving option.   

At times like these medical professionals should proceed with great sensitivity and compassion, realizing that even though this child’s life will likely be short, she is a gift from God. Her brief presence on this earth will serve a purpose often known only to the Creator.  

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Lost Motherhood

There’s a group of women Planned Parenthood doesn’t want to talk about. In fact, they won’t even admit they exist. They’ll gladly usher vulnerable women into their abortion chambers. But when those very same women experience physical or psychological effects of their abortion, they’re considered an anomaly. They don’t fit the façade the abortion industry has carefully built for public consumption. According to the Planned Parenthood website, there are no long-term risks associated with abortion. They reject any link between abortion and breast cancer. They deny that women may experience intense psychological consequences. And they claim there’s no relationship between abortion and infertility, miscarriage or future premature birth. Call it misleading, neglectful or deceptive, Planned Parenthood’s marketing is intentionally designed to point women in one direction—in favor of abortion.

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We Can Help Make Mothers Whole Again

Mother’s Day is doubly meaningful at Life Issues.  Mothers are a central focuses while working to save babies from abortion.  We appeal to the hearts of women contemplating abortion, warning them what abortion does to their babies and maybe their future mental wellbeing.

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God Helps Moms Who Suffer Miscarriage

Many parents suffer in silence. Even more lack support from friends and family.

But miscarriage is the same as a death of a born child. Parents who have dealt with miscarriage need our prayers, comfort and understanding.

Miscarriage, also called early pregnancy loss, is unfortunately an all-too common occurrence. According to Care Net, it happens when a pregnancy ends on its own during the first 20 weeks. It is estimated that miscarriage affects up to 15 percent of all pregnancies.

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Terri Nordone is a retired Salem, Oregon business owner. Terri’s true passion, purpose and ministry, however, is helping post-abortive women and men experience peace, find healing and be set free from the shame, guilt and bondage of their past decision to abort their child.  

Terri started the Salem, Oregon Chapter of SaveOne in 2006 after having experienced her own emotional and spiritual healing from a past abortion. She has since seen many women and men find freedom from abortion’s devastating effects.  

In addition to offering three SaveOne classes per year, she is the Chapter Coordinator overseeing chapters in Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. 

Shanna Shumaker is a lover of God, a wife to my amazing husband and a mom to four beautiful children. She is a homemaker and organizer of all things family. She has a passion for interior design/decorating and picks up small projects here and there. 

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