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Step Closer to Defunding Planned Parenthood

America took a step closer to eliminating Planned Parenthood as a Medicaid recipient, a battle that’s raged for years by pro-life elected officials.  Five years ago, South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster signed an executive order ending state tax funding of Medicaid providers that did abortions.  Planned Parenthood sued and a judge and the Fourth Circuit agreed with them.  South Carolina appealed to the US Supreme Court and it vacated the ruling, sending it back to the Fourth Circuit in leu of a recent similar case regarding Medicaid providers.  Eliminating Medicaid reimbursement from Planned Parenthood’s income would bankrupt many of their entities and tarnish their image as a medical provider.  There’s a lot at risk for the abortion giant, so I’ll keep you posted.  Please keep this in prayer.

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