St. Gerard Campus Helps Mothers in Crisis

Critics who claim that the Pro-life Movement doesn’t care about women have never visited St. Gerard Campus.

Located in St. Augustine, Florida, the non-profit maternity home and fully-accredited Christian high school is dedicated to caring for mothers in crisis. Since its founding in 1981, the Campus has supported 45,000 mothers and their babies! And the best part? They do not offer abortion.

The Campus features a licensed nursery for babies of students and a foster home for students with no parents. On-site nurses and counselors and adoption services are available. The Campus’s St. Gerard Pregnancy Center offers pregnancy testing, sonograms and counseling—all available at no charge.

There is a residence program for at-risk pregnant teenagers and teen mothers who need a safe place as they finish high school. In fact, nearly 90 per- cent of the girls who finish high school go on to college.

The Community Outreach Program provides important necessities for babies like food, diapers, clothes, cribs, car seats, dressing tables, and bassinets. Maternity clothes and important household items like couches, tables, and curtains are available to parents in need.

The Campus has saved taxpayers countless dollars and has rescued girls who might otherwise go on welfare or get involved with drugs or prostitution. As a new report by the Charlotte Lozier Institute shows, there are 2,750 pro-life pregnancy centers nationwide that give help and hope to millions of mothers and their babies.

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