God’s Perfect Timing

Bradley Mattes   |   January 13, 2022

In our line of work God’s perfect timing becomes evident in many ways.

This year’s Sanctity of Life half-hour radio special, Say ‘yes’ To LIFE! alerts parents to the grim reality that many doctors and medical professionals push abortion – often in aggressive ways – at the first sign of a challenge with the pregnancy.

One of the medical community’s often used tools to weed out the “undesirables” is prenatal testing.

A new report from The New York Times, an avid abortion supporter, has sounded an alarm which makes our radio special more urgent than ever.

Our goal for Say ‘yes’ To LIFE! is to equip parents to resist repeated and persistent pressure – sometimes even bullying – from their doctors and/or other medical professionals to opt for abortion with the presence of a challenge with the pregnancy.

It introduces listeners to parents who have both resisted and succumbed to this pressure. And they’ll hear from a pro-life physician who specializes in high-risk pregnancies.

Our radio special also provides access to free resources and mentors to assist parents through a difficult and upsetting time.

The most recent estimate of parents aborting children diagnosed with Down syndrome is 67% and likely more. This does not reflect an unbiased approach to dealing with babies who have disabilities.

Timed perfectly to underscore the importance of our message, The New York Times reports that an entire category of prenatal tests delivers erroneous results nearly all of the time!

The tests are referred to as noninvasive prenatal testing and provide a diagnosis using a simple blood test.  Prenatal tests are performed on over a third of America’s pregnant women. When used to detect Down syndrome and Edwards syndrome, experts say they work well.  Sadly, they are widely used as a “search and destroy” mission to abort babies with undesirable conditions.

The accuracy of these tests is an entirely different matter when used to screen for microdeletion (missing pieces of chromosomes), which includes hundreds of syndromes.

The Times report looked at five microdeletion tests for the conditions of DiGeorge syndrome, 1p36 deletion, Cri-du-chat syndrome, Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome, and Prader-Willi and Angelman syndromes. These disorders all come with serious health challenges.

An analysis revealed that tests for these conditions resulted in false positives between 80% to 93% of the time with an average of false positives 85% of the time. Yet, as the report said, brochures from these tech companies describe the tests as “‘reliable’ and ‘highly accurate,’ offering ‘total confidence’ and ‘peace of mind.’”

Natera performed over 400,000 screenings in 2020, approximately 10 percent of all pregnant women in the nation.

One study shows that six percent of women who received positive test results aborted their babies without seeking additional screening. Something the companies offering these highly erroneous tests have known for years.

Driven by Money

Money, and lots of it, is driving this medical travesty, and companies demonstrate no intention of missing the gravy train.

Natera stock went public in 2015 and is currently valued at $8.8 billion. Steve Chapman, Natera’s chief executive said, “This is a really significant moment for the microdeletions business.” If they can persuade insurance companies to go along Chapman said the potential is “enormous.” The Times report indicated Natera could be looking at an additional $300 million each year.

While I have focused on the unethical side of medicine, there are many good pro-life physicians and medical professionals who defend life at every turn.

Getting back to God’s timing, our radio special Say ‘yes’ To LIFE! will educate millions of parents to the tragic reality that the medical and tech communities prey on their emotions and in the process, these vulnerable parents pay an enormous price far more costly than money.

Please help us extend this excellent resource to more at-risk parents. Check out the program and share it widely online. Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of many.

Saving lives through pro-life education,

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