More Evidence Planned Parenthood Markets Abortion to Minorities

SusanEnouen   |   June 14, 2016

Planned Parenthood Markets Abortion to Minorities Again…

Is Planned Parenthood purposely marketing abortion to minorities? According to author Willis Krumholz at The Federalist, Planned Parenthood’s business model promotes that strategy because it’s in their financial best interest to do so. Furthermore, he proposes that data showing the harm done to poor and minority women has been whitewashed by the formerly reliable Guttmacher Institute in order to protect the abortion giant.

markets_abortionProof of Planned Parenthood’s purposeful presence in minority areas was established by Protecting Black Life, an outreach project of Life Issues Institute, in a 2012 study finding that 79% of Planned Parenthood’s surgical abortion facilities were located within walking distance of a Black or Hispanic neighborhood.1 Using 2010 Census data, this study documented the racial demographics of each census tract (similar to a neighborhood) within a 2-mile radius of each of Planned Parenthood’s 163 surgical abortion facilities operating in 2010.

A census tract was counted as a minority neighborhood if its minority racial percentage reached over 50% or if it was 1.5 times that of the county percentage. Census tracts with racial percentages below the national average population of 12.6% for Blacks and 16.3% for Hispanics were excluded.

An updated analysis in 2015 found that the new set of 173 Planned Parenthood surgical abortion facilities operating in 2014 continue their practice of heavily targeting minority neighborhoods for abortion, with 78% within walking distance of these communities.

In response to our 2012 research, the Guttmacher Institute blasted out an advisory claiming that only 9% of abortion facilities were located in majority Black neighborhoods.2 Their study relied on zip code mailing areas, ignoring nearby minority neighborhoods in different zip codes, and revealing little about the actual demographics surrounding the abortion facilities. In addition, by only including Black populations of 50% or more, nearly 4 times the national average, it excluded the many neighborhoods where minorities have a strong presence without holding a majority. For perspective, 28 states have Black percentages under 12.6% and the highest Black population of any state is 30.5%.

In reality, this study was a smokescreen intended to allow media and pro-abortion activists to preserve the storyline that Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) is not targeting minorities. To accomplish this deceptive conclusion, Guttmacher’s study included all abortion facilities providing over 400 abortions per year and offered no supporting data to unravel the truth about PPFA’s locations. But facts are stubborn things, and Protecting Black Life’s research presents both facts and data.

So how is targeting minorities for abortion a financial win for PPFA? With abortion rates dropping in the early 1990’s, PPFA’s business relied heavily on providing low-margin contraceptives to poor women. Logically, the abortion giant’s revenue flattened and net margins began to decline. It was time for a new strategy.

By 1997, PPFA had executed a new business plan to increase revenue by focusing on high-margin abortion, moving to larger facilities that took advantage of economies of scale, and locating in dense urban areas where high concentrations of poor and abortion-vulnerable clients, particularly minorities, would be assured. Everything about this plan points to a strong financial incentive to market abortion to minority women.

After the 1992 Supreme Court ruling Planned Parenthood vs. Casey, the cost of new state regulations pushed out many smaller abortion providers, leaving Planned Parenthood in a highly competitive position. Since 2004, PPFA has opened at least 19 abortion mega-centers (with over 10,000 square feet), increasing its capacity for performing abortions by 200 per day.3

As a result, PPFA’s revenue has increased dramatically from $400 million in 1990 to 1.3 billion in 2013. By performing 2.5 times as many abortions in 2011 (333,964) as they did in 1990 (129,155), their 8% market share skyrocketed to 33% at a time when total abortions declined from 1.6 to 1.1 million.

Clearly, PPFA’s new strategy has worked well for them financially. But what has happened to the poor and minority women that they claim to want to help? The picture for these women is much less rosy.

By leveraging substantial influence in securing Title X funding, PPFA has become the primary option for minority women who need low-cost contraceptives. While abortion offers a high profit margin, contraceptives do not. Therefore, PPFA affiliates have little incentive to provide high quality contraceptive care and instruction to clients. And yet, with PPFA’s ubiquitous neighborhood presence, many minority women develop a dependence upon their contraceptives and become ensnared in the active sexual lifestyle they promote.

As PPFA knows, contraceptive failure (54% of women who receive abortions used contraceptives4) ensures a high likelihood that the client will return with an unintended pregnancy. This provides an opportunity for the much more profitable scenario of selling an abortion. Such a strong financial incentive can only increase the risk of abortion for vulnerable women.

In his article, “Guttmacher Erases Data To Protect Planned Parenthood, IUDs,” Krumholz5 points out that unintended pregnancy rates among poor women had dropped considerably in 1994 (Figure 1), before PPFA’s “reinvention.” The drop in 1994 was followed by a sharp rise in 2001, coinciding with PPFA’s changed approach, and a continued rise through 2008. Clearly, as PPFA’s market share and revenue rose, unintended pregnancies for poor women increased significantly.

markets abortionKrumholz then shows a similar graph, released by Guttmacher in March 20166 (Figure 2) where the 1994 data point has been removed, implying that unintended pregnancy rates took a smooth ride up from 1981 to 2008 and that Planned Parenthood’s business plan had little effect on low-income women’s unintended pregnancy rates during that period.

Meanwhile, the Guttmacher report expounds on the crucial need for publicly funded contraceptives for preventing unintended pregnancies. This may be Guttmacher’s attempt to protect the narrative that Planned Parenthood (and thus its taxpayer funding) are helping poor women, when the actual data implies the opposite.

Guttmacher also reports that unintended pregnancy rates for Black women in 2011 are the highest of any racial or ethnic group, at 79 per 1000 women (aged 15-44), compared to 33 for white women. This is not good news for the Black community. Nor is the fact that from 1990 to 2008, before and after Planned Parenthood’s reinvention, the percentage of abortions received by Black women increased by 9.0%; for Hispanic women it rose 7.6% while the percentage of abortions received by white women declined by 11.1%.  In fact, although Blacks and Hispanics together make up about a quarter of the population (29%), they now receive over half of the abortions (55%).7

Although many factors may have contributed to this bad news for minority women, it coincides suspiciously with Planned Parenthood’s intentional abortion facility presence in minority neighborhoods and with its aggressive push to market abortions for the purpose of lining its own pockets. And it appears that Guttmacher doesn’t want us to know it.

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13 thoughts on “More Evidence Planned Parenthood Markets Abortion to Minorities

  1. Planned Parenthood(PP);
    Systemic Racism from its founding through their Racist practices today:

    The polarizing debate over woman’s rights issues; most notably, allowing woman total sovereignty over their own bodies and everything in it, with out hinderence, contrasting with the view of whether or not abortions is murder, combines highly complex arguments on both sides; and should be continued to be debated; if for no other reason then to address the enormous differences in the USA along this highly contemptuous divide & to possibly find common ground and attempt a utopian consensus. What I’m bringing to light is the indisputable proof that Planned Parenthood (PP) is a radical racist enterprise, and we have been duped by their dubious claims of protecting woman’s rights, when all along their whole racist agenda has been exposed, and it’s possible that racial cleansing is the purpose of their entire existence.

    What’s disturbing about this article was the clearly referenced evidence that bares to question certain motives of the largest abortion mill in the US ( PP).

    Whether you believe in choice or life the racial component should make you uncomfortable and see where the real racism is stemming from; you should reconsider your own motivations & why you personally support what was clearly highlighted in this article to be some very damming and scandalous accusations about PP founding and marketing practices today.

    The SCOTUS ruled in Roe v. Wade , that Abortions should be legal, safe, and rare. PP , performed 345,000 abortions in 2019, 41% done on non-Hispanic Black woman. (Blacks account for 15% of the population)What happened to rare? It seems as though they are in a rush to achieve a goal ,set in motion, long ago, by some very racist founders.

    Racisms unchecked leads to genocide.

    Could the founders and preachers of the Eugenics movement and those in turn of PP, whose goals and policies were racially based and deep rooted in white supremacy; be rearing it’s ugly head by applying those motives today? Is PP ultimate goal to champion racial preferences for whom they target to murder? The evidence could not be clearer.

    So do we all play along under the guise of Feminism & ignore the facts that make abortion so much more available to Black young women?PP kills over 140,000 Black lives a year. No other system or criminal enterprise in America kills more black lives then PP !(and that’s not including all the other facilities young black woman go to, to seek the termination of their pregnancies)

    Maybe there is something much more sinister and deeply racist going on & no ones talking about it. Don’t close your mind to anything ;you learn from history and it’s origins.

    Who truly murders more Black souls? ‘Systemic Racism’ or PP? PP has. And they are openly doing it, with the support of their communities and political leadership.

    If someone was marketing abortions where I live , believe me, I’d be out there advising alternatives. But my neighborhood is white , upper middle class; I’m thinking our abortion mills are hidden away in some 3 story walk up, Dr.’s office in Beverly Hills; There is no PP in my area.

    People have been talking about systemic racism; I’ve been asking where? show me? I want to join your struggle & make it my struggle. Racism should be rooted out where ever it is found. After reading this article and checking references; I believe I found my struggle to root out the scourge of racism where it’s most obviously being practiced and PP is doing all the killing of the most innocent of Black lives ; the unborn.

    My personal position on abortion for many decades , was woman’s body , her choice. I bought into the lie that life begins at birth. I don’t believe that anymore. When life begins is an unsettled issue for me; up until the 7 week ; for reasons and arguments that have nothing to do with the point of this article. But I do stress that I believe inherently that a life is being nurtured in the body of a woman, so that’s why I believe PP is performing genocide on a daily basis and have never made it a secret over their desire to control the black and other minority population by the use of selective breeding; some call it abortions; I call it murder.

    Most of the rhetoric I hear is ,historic this and historic that; nothing concrete so I’ve done a lot of research. Cop killings and white on black deaths don’t come even close to the number 1 killer abortion, and number 2 being black on black or as most would call gang violence.

    The best and most obvious example of systemic racism is the abortion industry; pushed and supported by democrats; the same party of ; slavery, Jim Crow, and the KKK. Anyone else see a pattern of how white leftist attempts all lead to the same thing. To me it’s obvious, to others maybe not so much.

    Wouldn’t that be the ultimate racist agenda? I would say 140,000 dead Black lives a year would be considered genocide. PP is not only perpetuating genocide on the black community but on every viable soul they torture to death.

    The numbers speak for themselves and I can’t ignore the facts. The silence is deafening; more shocking was what seemed unbridled rage over a dozen or so situations with police, right or wrong, that does not come close to the genocide PP inflicts on the minority population as a whole. And there is zero outrage or protest from BLM or any affiliated group. 66% of PP abortions are performed on non-Whites.

    Have we gotten to where we ignore a blatant racist agenda that could possibly be systemic from it’s inception all the way to its very existence today?

    PP openly admits to their current marketing policies and practices; without regard to its own radical racial disparities found in its own data.

    That those on the left ,in media and entertainment have remained silent on this obvious racist enterprise perplexes the mind to a point of where the truly obvious can’t seem to be refuted.

    There are no reasons for PP to wear white sheets for these lynchings they perform openly, with tax payer money in starilized rooms, throughout this vast nation, on a daily basis.

    The left seems to give PP a free pass on the 5,000,000 or so Black babies murdered since RoeV.Wade. That’s a lot of lost potential; all in the name of feminism.

    And PP continues to build abortion factories that seem to disproportionately target minority communities . A disproportionate amount of PP are located within walking distance of Black communities.

    But if you choose to read this article which shows how clear PP targets minorities and black lives; it bares to questions their motives. Health care or Genocide?

    As if you choose to do your own research; you will find that #MargaretSanger (founder of PP) was a devout Eugenics proponent who was also a blatant Outspoken racist , giving speeches at many KKK rallies.

    All Black lives should matter. But not so much for the unborn or so it seems.

    For example , in NYC where blacks make up 13% of the population, in 2010; 39% of abortions were performed on black woman. Some estimates are as high as 51%.???????
    Think, read, know.

    Origins of any organization is important. Eugenics, an ideology also embraced by the Nazis;and used as one of the many Scientific motivators for their Final Solution; to rid their society of millions of undesirables; by gassing and burning those that were not of ‘Pure Race’.

    I can’t seem to wonder when are people going to see the forest through the trees. If the black community is continuously bombarded by marketing designed by racist to facilitate the death of their children. I’d say, that impact alone would keep any community down and hopeless.

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