Life Issues Institute Celebrates 25 Years


On Dr. Willke’s 80th birthday we held a banquet in his honor with Steve Forbes the keynote speaker.

This issue of Life Issues Connector continues to celebrate our Silver 25th anniversary with images and a look back at where we’ve been in our efforts to end abortion on demand.

Dr. and Mrs. Willke traveled to and spoke in over 85 countries. Their impact has been literally felt around the world. A highlight during this period included their private audiences with Pope John Paul II. The Willkes’ travel continued until their advanced ages and the insistence of their children compelled them to stay stateside.

The new office building and expanded square footage made it possible to build an on-site chapel. The life-size bronze in our entry depicts Christ offering forgiveness to a woman who’s had an abortion.  His outer cloak is wrapped around her baby in His arms. It aptly demonstrates our “Love Them Both” message.  These two features have been used regularly by our staff and multiple times by groups of post-abortion events for women.


Dr. Willke & Bradley Mattes at the White House during the George W. Bush presidency.

On Dr. Willke’s 80th birthday the Institute hosted an unforgettable celebration banquet with Steve Forbes as our keynote speaker. At a later time, our banquet event honored Congressman Chris Smith with Life Issues Institute’s prestigious President’s Award. Congressman Smith has been crucial figure over the years to pass protective legislation in Washington, DC and we have treasured our close relationship with he and his wife, Marie.

On occasion Dr. Willke and Bradley’s travels have taken them to the White House. The pictured event was hosted by President George W Bush at the time of the March for Life.  Dr. Willke was no stranger to the White House over the years and was responsible for changing George Bush, Sr.’s position on abortion while he was a Vice Presidential candidate on Ronald Reagan’s ticket.

During this period of time, Life Issues Institute, like many other pro-life organizations, turned to the World Wide Internet to expand our impact even further. We were one of the first pro-life websites in existence, which now number four in our efforts to reach various segments of the population.

Little did we realize then what monumental changes lay in store to help us educate Americans and people around the world to the truth about abortion and its cancerous effect on mankind. More about those details in our fall issue…


Dr. and Mrs. Willke with Pope John Paul, II in Rome.


Dr. Willke & Bradley Mattes present Life Issues Institute’s Presidential Award to Congressman Chris Smith with his wife Marie.


Barbara & Jack Willke at a UN conference in Istanbul, Turkey.


This slightly life-size bronze of Christ offering forgiveness to a woman who’s had an abortion sits in our office entry.

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