Ben Watson on Planned Parenthood

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Ben Watson on Planned Parenthood

Bradley Mattes   |   August 09, 2016

Professional athletes make a huge impact on young people.  In the case of Baltimore Ravens tight end, Ben Watson, he’s making the right impact.  Ben’s already known for speaking out on race relations, so when he lambasted Planned Parenthood for targeting blacks for abortion, it got lots of attention.  He said Planned Parenthood was founded to “exterminate blacks and “it’s working.”  Sadly, Ben feels blacks are buying this eugenic approach to abortion “hook, line and sinker.”  Watson added, “When black girls {get} pregnant, it’s like a statistic, but when white girls get pregnant, they get a TV show.”  Ben’s right and we have the research to prove it.  Visit life issues dot org and click on the microphone icon.  You’ll find our research there.  Ben we’ve got your back on this one.

Baltimore Ravens tight end, Ben Watson is right. Planned Parenthood was founded to “exterminate blacks.” Here’s research to prove it! Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry are targeting women of color.

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