Tragedy in a Box

Bradley Mattes   |   April 06, 2022

It’s difficult to think about, talk about, or write about.

But we can’t ignore the latest ghastly revelation exposing the abortion industry – a sober reminder that abortion is a crime against humanity.

Pro-lifers from an organization called Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising were outside a late-term Washington DC abortion facility when an employee of Curtis Bay Medical Waste Services picked up two boxes containing the bodies of aborted babies destined for incineration. When asked by the pro-lifers to keep one, he said yes.

The contents included five children who had been victimized by late-term abortion.

Curtis Bay advertises that they incinerate “medical waste” including the bodies of unborn babies to generate electricity for the local community.

The babies’ remains were later turned over to the DC police with a request that an investigation be conducted including autopsies to determine whether or not federal laws were violated in the process of killing these children. Specifically, the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban and the Born Alive Infants Protection Act.

The late-term abortionist, Cesare Santangelo at the abortion center where the babies were killed had been caught previously on video stating that they do not provide care to babies who survive abortions, a violation of federal law.

It was no surprise that the DC police quickly dismissed the possibility that any laws were broken, and the medical examiner stated there were no plans to conduct an autopsy on the children.

This Friday I will join other pro-life leaders at a rally in front of the Washington, DC Medical Examiner’s Office where the babies are currently being held. We will call for an independent, unbiased investigation and autopsy of the victimized children.

Meet the Victims

Life Issues Institute will soon be airing a half-hour radio special on late-term abortion. One of my guests is Dr. Kathi Aultman a retired OBGYN who used to perform late-term abortions and is now a passionate advocate for life. Dr. Aultman weighed in on each of the babies.

Here are the children at the center of this tragedy, innocent babies who were brutally killed and discarded like human garbage to be burned to generate energy for the community.

Christopher X, a baby boy is estimated to be 28-32 weeks old. Dr. Aultman said, “He appears to be in the third trimester, near term and looks like he should have been in the nursery.” Based on the condition of his body, she believes he was likely dead when born/aborted.

Christopher X
WARNING: Graphic image. Click on picture to view image.


Harriet, a baby girl estimated at 23-30 weeks old had a deep laceration on the back of her neck which is consistent with a partial-birth abortion.

WARNING: Graphic image. Click on picture to view image
Harriet 2
WARNING: Graphic image. Click on picture to view image


Holly, a baby girl between 26-28 weeks old had experienced a particularly brutal and violent abortion (decapitation and severed body parts), likely a dilation and evacuation abortion, also referred to as dismemberment abortion.

WARNING: Graphic image. Click on picture to view image.


Angel, a baby boy suffered the same fate as Holly. His body was also severely dismembered.

WARNING: Graphic Image. Click on picture to view image


Phoenix, sex unknown. The child is in the fetal position inside an intact amniotic sac. Dr. Aultman estimates an age of late second or early third trimester and said that the child “May very well have been born alive and then left to die.”

WARNING: Graphic image. Click on picture to view image.
Phoenix 2
WARNING: Graphic image. Click on picture to view image

According to medical experts, about half of all children aborted late in pregnancy survive the procedure. In our radio special, Dr. Altman said, “At least 45% to 50% of these babies will survive the induction process and then the abortionist is stuck with the dreaded complication of a live baby.”

Another radio guest, Irene Zamorano Archacki had a late-term abortion at 24½ weeks. Irene said the biggest lie ever told her was from the abortionist who said, “This is no big deal at all. It’ll be over very quick.” Irene said it was a big deal, “It has caused me grief, depression, and anxiety. Words cannot explain the trauma that my abortion has caused me.”

In two weeks, I’ll share more details with you on our compelling radio special that’s educating new audiences never before reached,  and provide a link to the program and a wealth of resources and information.

The timing of this gruesome revelation could be very important. The US Supreme Court is about to rule on Dobb v Jackson Women’s Health Organization, legislation that would give states the authority to prevent such appalling human carnage. These five babies provide a dramatic reminder of what’s at stake. 

Please keep the Court in your prayers.

For the babies,

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4 thoughts on “Tragedy in a Box

  1. If no one has noticed, many if not most of the problems/catastrophes/incidents that are happening out there are due to LIES. People often then believe falsehoods, and if things are false, there is nothing to pin the facts on. But the Bible alone promotes the value of TRUTH. In fact Jesus told us: You shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free. So among other things that are wrong in our world, most would be corrected by the Truth.

  2. Oh Brad… thank you for educating all of us once again. My tears were flowing for these precious defenseless babies who have no voice of their own. Lowell and I continue to praise and thank our gracious Lord for YOU being bold to share and tell the truth. I so agree with Wilmer Sprunger. Jesus said that we shall know the truth and the Truth SHALL set you free.I too continue to speak out for these precious little souls that are being thrown away. Children ARE the hope of a nation.. Onward Christian Soldier. We are with you Brad. So thankful for you in my/our lives. Ann Tolly

  3. Can/are these kind of pictures sent to the Supreme Court as they deliberate on the legislation being looked at?? I pray they can be.

    Thank you for presenting TRUTH as you know it.
    We continue to pray for Abortion to End.
    ‘We live in Missouri. We are thankful for the strong Life legislatures at work in our Missouri Legislation.

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