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Bradley Mattes   |   September 16, 2021

As the nation gears up for the Supreme Court’s oral arguments on the Dobbs late-term abortion case, you and I have an advantage to changing more hearts and minds on abortion.

At the center of the case is Mississippi’s efforts to protect unborn babies 15 weeks or older in the womb. So, let’s show everyone what’s actually at stake.

One of the most effective ways to add more converts to the side of LIFE is to share the beauty of the unborn child. What follows will help you advance the cause for America’s unborn babies and their mothers.

15 weeks

An unborn child at 15 weeks is a stunning display of advanced fetal development. With the help of Katrina Furth, Ph.D., an Associate Scholar at Charlotte Lozier Institute, we’ve compiled an amazing array of documented physical milestones present in the body of an unborn child 15 weeks after fertilization.

I am confidant that if you share them with others, you will both add more defenders of the babies, and increase the commitment by those who already identify as pro-life.

When Roe v Wade was decided, viability was 28 weeks. Viability isn’t a distinction of humanity, but merely the milestone of man’s ability to sustain life outside the womb.

Currently, viability has dropped to 22 weeks, some babies have been saved as early as 21 weeks.

Let’s peek into the remarkable world of the unborn child at just 15 weeks. You’ll be amazed!

Body Systems

Practically every organ and tissue are present at just eight weeks, but nearly all are functional at 15 weeks. The kidneys are filtering the baby’s blood, and the stomach is producing digestive enzymes.

The heart is beating 26 quarts of blood each day and has already beat well over 18-million times since his life began!

Female babies already have millions of egg cells. That’s why researchers harvest the eggs from aborted babies for experimentation.


Five weeks previously they can determine whether the child is right or left-handed. About 15% of us are lefties. It is at this time the baby exhibits goal-directed movement.

Nearly all the baby’s body is sensitive to touch. When touched near the mouth, she will turn her head toward the object as if to nurse.

If the mother’s diet makes the amniotic fluid sweeter, the baby will swallow more often, and the opposite is true if the fluid is more bitter.

The baby has already been practicing breathing for more than six weeks.


The baby can sense touch as early as six weeks, but he needs pain receptors and nerve connection to the brain to perceive pain. This can happen as early as 12 weeks. Dr. Furth explains why the previous milestone of 24 weeks has been moved back to 12.

Research shows the sense of pain develops before the mechanisms that moderate pain signals. So, not only can the baby feel the pain of abortion, but he likely experiences a greater intensity of pain at 15 weeks. More truly fascinating details on brain development are available.

Fetal Surgery

Intrauterine surgery

Intrauterine surgery has been successfully performed on babies at this age. In one case to correct Twin-to-Twin Transfusion syndrome. The baby is anesthetized separately from the mother because the doctor knows there are not one but two patients.

It’s been proven that when we share the amazing humanity of the unborn child, we change more hearts and minds on abortion. Please share this information as widely as you can, especially now while more Americans are focused on the Supreme Court and abortion.

Defending the defenseless,

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4 thoughts on “Take a Look Inside

  1. I remember this all when it first started. I passed out plastic babies so everyone could see that they were real and not tissue. Our Mission to the Preborn campaign successful closed clinics and changed minds but not enough to destroy lives like today. God have mercy on this nation and the world.

  2. I am 76, a retired registered nurse, and a fetal development educator in the schools since 1987 (when invited by certain teachers). Young students love the development of of the unborn baby. Friends my age (60’s and older) are stunned at the development of the unborn baby! My husband is a retired radiologist who said ultrasound changed the whole discussion. God keeps on blessing. Never give up educating others!!!

  3. Once again Brad you have blessed everyone. I want to share this. I too continue to give our the little plastic baby and wear my little feet . It is amazing how people ask – about my “cute little feet pin” and then I tell them. They are shocked to hear that. We all NEED to keep educating everyone we talk to. Children are a gift from the Lord. Children are the hope of a nation! God bless your continued work dear Brad. Ann Tolly

  4. I have read it said that babies as young as six weeks post conception will actively evade a needle or other threat which enters the amniotic sac. If this is the case, they probably feel pain that early as well.

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