Pro-Life Businesses to Support

Bradley Mattes   |   January 25, 2024

We’ve seen it before. Time and time again high-profile companies exploit pro-life shoppers and then use those funds to advance abortion in America and abroad. Are you tired of being used as a tool to benefit causes that directly conflict with your deeply held personal beliefs? 

If you want to fight back with your pocketbook there are a growing number of companies that use their profits to support good. Business ventures that financially back ways to protect America’s unborn babies and their parents from abortion.   

Some are very up front about defending innocent human life. 

COL1972 launched a women’s apparel company in 2019 to provide quality products without supporting the abortion industry. They call it Fashion for Life. COL stands for Culture of Life and 1972 honors the final year that a “culture of life was celebrated in the United States.” 

Babies are the heartbeat of the pro-life movement and are celebrated at EveryLife. Their company motto is Make More Babies (my new favorite T-shirt!).  As a father and grandfather who is a baby enthusiast, I love that!   

The tragic irony is Proctor and Gamble and Johnson and Johnson support efforts that literally kill their targeted customer base. Who does that?! A positive alternative is EveryLife’s diapers, related products, and apparel

The average household has multiple credit cards so why not use one that supports causes near and dear to your heart? Coign is billed as “America’s first credit card built by and for conservatives.” 

If you start your day with coffee you may want to check out Seven Weeks Coffee. Its name reflects that an unborn baby is the size of a coffee bean at seven weeks! You’ve got to love their bold and creative stand for life. Maybe their bold coffee will hit the spot in your day starter.  

Other notable pro-life business owners and companies include:  

  • Robert Rolling who owns Gold’s Gym and Omni Hotels. 
  • Mike Lindell became famous selling pillows and now offers other related products. 
  • Jim Mischel is the owner of Electric Mirror, a product that is a personal favorite for those of us who frequent hotel rooms.   
  • Charity Mobile, a pro-life mobile cell phone company. 
  • Curves, a women-only fitness chain. 
  • Hobby Lobby, a craft store chain. 
  • Conestoga Wood Specialties, kitchen cabinets and other products. 

Sadly, there are many companies that support Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest chain of abortion centers. It’s not feasible to boycott everyone, but knowing which ones to avoid when possible is good information to have.   

In today’s culture, whether or not we’re in the market for diapers, coffee, credit cards or pillows, it’s refreshing to see companies that take a bold stand for life when we’re seeing a tsunami of anti-life agendas from the business sector. Please back those who support the sanctity of life whenever you can.     

Is there an entrepreneur inside of you just waiting to get out? Maybe there’s a great product that you can develop to help advance the cause for life. 

Defending life,

Bradley Mattes,

President, Life Issues Institute

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