Life Issues Institute Launches Massive Educational Blitz

Bradley Mattes   |   April 21, 2022

Life Issues Institute is reaching unprecedented numbers of Americans as a historic US Supreme Court case is poised to dramatically impact Roe v Wade or outright overturn the 1973 decision that triggered an American holocaust.

“The response from those partnering with us during this historically important time has exceeded our expectations,” said Brad Mattes, president. “God has truly blessed this effort.”

Here’s more on our message and who we’ll be reaching.

The pro-life movement has a unique window of opportunity to impact millions of persuadable Americans while interest in the Supreme Court and abortion reach an all-time high.

Life Issues Institute is reaching strategically targeted audiences – potentially tens of millions – with tested messaging proven to change hearts and minds on abortion.

This weekend will kick off a three-month educational blitz that will:

  • Expose America’s extreme abortion laws
  • Put real human faces on those traumatized by late-term abortion
  • Unmask the true reasons for late-term abortions and the shocking number of live births called the “dreaded complication.”
  • Demonstrate the movement’s ability to pass life-saving legislation while safeguarding the needs of women and babies facing unexpected pregnancies.

The first of two half-hour radio specials is titled The Faces of Roe: Women and Men Victimized by Abortion. It will air this weekend on more than 1,020 radio outlets across the nation! Listen to the special on a station near you. Or you can listen here at your convenience.

Listeners will learn how the Dobbs late-term abortion case can affect the lives of friends, family, and coworkers. Roe becomes personal after hearing gripping interviews with both a mother and father – parents of babies aborted late in pregnancy.

You will also hear from a former late-term abortionist who has since found peace and forgiveness and is now a passionate and effective voice for the unborn.

Finally, a representative of Her PLAN will share how they’re building a safety net state by state for women and their babies. Contrary to the false claims of abortion advocates, women without access to abortion will not be abandoned. The pro-life movement will be at their side during pregnancy, through birth and beyond – providing concrete resources.

A four-week online media promotion will begin on April 25 and reach millions more by linking strategically targeted Americans with tailored video clips and radio spots that direct them to a customized website landing page. It will provide audio of the full program in addition to a wealth of resources and information to share with others.

Our goal is to emphasize the relevance of the Dobbs late-term abortion case on real people. Real lives.

A second half-hour radio special and landing page will be produced for airing June 11-12, while interest in the Court and abortion are at a peak.

The sheer number of people that we will reach and educate is beyond our initial expectations. Your support of Life Issues Institute is making this possible.

Please keep this project and the Supreme Court justices in your daily prayers. May their ruling reflect justice and compassion.

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2 thoughts on “Life Issues Institute Launches Massive Educational Blitz

  1. Dear Mr. Mattes

    Thank you for all you do! I pray daily that the Lord will forgive this nation for the killing of our innocent babies nut when I seen the pictures of those precious, precious pictures of the babies in tragedy in a box my heart broke so much that now I CRY OUT to the Lord that was just 5 innocent babies but you see them ALL every single day!! Thank you so much for sharing that information and those pictures and for giving the little ones names. I’ve shared that through numerous emails, as harrowing as it was it needs to be shared. You’re in my prayers daily!!

  2. I got pregnant in 1978 or 79 and at that point in my life, was still unsure of right versus wrong on the issue of abortion. I just knew that I was still in college and was not a “mother” candidate. I’m still not at 61. Children whether born yet or not, must be protected.

    I was terribly damaged by a butcher of an abortionist, and to this day have pain with sex. I had to have a DandC and my ovary “blew up.” I hemorrhaged several times.

    I eventually went to work for a missionary outfit here in Knoxville which supported crisis pregnancy centers and became more convinced than ever, I killed my child. Sometime before working there I decided to name my child. I was seven weeks, but, I was sure it was a boy. They asked me there if I gave the child a name for the lamb’s book of life. He has one (so does she, if it was a girl).

    Choices are permanent, sometimes. God is forgiving, but, this horror is not something that ever passes.

    These scary “women” I see have NO IDEA what they are doing to their souls!! This must stop, in God’s name.


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