Labor of Love

Bradley Mattes   |   May 11, 2022

Evidence of the greatest magnitude indicates Roe v Wade is living on borrowed time. From the beginning it was cringeworthy jurisprudence, criticized by individuals on both sides of the abortion issue. Former Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg called it a “heavy-handed judicial intervention [that] was difficult to justify and appears to have provoked, not resolved, conflict.”

It inflicted a death toll nearing 64 million babies and an unknown number of women who perished by botched abortions. Millions more silently struggle with profound grief and shame, including fathers.

Roe gave birth to a pro-life grassroots movement without rival. It began on kitchen tables in cities and small towns and evolved into the highly professional and effective movement it is today.

Now thousands of pregnancy help centers provide free ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, maternity clothes, and a myriad of baby items to women facing unexpected pregnancies, empowering them to say yes to life. More recently, those resources have grown exponentially to include, mentoring, job training, even financial assistance with schooling, housing and more. Some of these resources extend years after the birth of their babies.

Thousands of pro-life Americans came forward to work for and elect pro-life candidates. Many donated their time and talents to lobby Congress, state legislatures, school boards, and city councils to show mercy on America’s unborn babies through pro-life legislation. And when they did, more often than not the Supreme Court extinguished their hopes and dreams of ending the violence of abortion. Progress was incremental and painfully slow.

Other citizens became pro-life educators, packing 16mm films, projectors, and materials from house to house, schools, churches, and anyone who would listen. Now websites, digital videos, and social media have dramatically changed the delivery, but not the message that abortion is a brutal answer to unexpected pregnancies.

Thanks to President Donald Trump, we have a majority on the Supreme Court and today we’re on the cusp of what would be our greatest victory to date, the “termination” of Roe v Wade.

However, there will be no rest for this massive grassroots movement. The battlelines move to each state where pro-lifers will work tirelessly to elect pro-life candidates and lobby for pro-life legislation.

Pregnancy centers will redouble their efforts to ensure that women without access to abortion will not be abandoned. Educators will continue to be windows to the womb, revealing the beauty of unborn life and exposing the monstrosity of abortion.

The pro-life movement’s work is far from complete. It’s been a labor of love for over 49 years…and counting.

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