Crumbling Arrogance

Bradley Mattes   |   September 10, 2021

After 48 years of never giving up, never losing faith that our cause is just, the pro-life movement is witnessing historic advancements toward ending the brutality of abortion in America.

The battle is hardly over. There is much more work that needs to be done to reach our ultimate goal of protecting all unborn babies from abortion. But thanks be to God, this recent success has been stunning, and the other side is bracing for what might come next.

Their cock-sure arrogance is crumbling.

A snapshot of the actions by the abortion industry and its allies shows they are grasping at straws. And it’s our job to expose their lies as they attempt to protect the status quo of abortion for any reason throughout pregnancy.

Recently President Biden responded to the media regarding the Texas Heartbeat Act. “I respect those who believe life begins at the moment of conception…I don’t agree, but I respect that, not going to impose that on people.”

These aren’t just the words of a bumbling president. Other pro-abortion advocates, including seven male members of the US Supreme Court relied on willful ignorance to achieve their agenda.

They are guilty of promoting flat-earth science and medicine.

I consulted The Carnegie Stages, the world’s top scientific experts (the gold standard) as to when human life begins.

“The Carnegie Stages were instituted as scientific fact in 1942 by a secular government organization that is part of the National Institutes of Health, the National Museum of Health and Medicine’s Human Developmental Anatomy Center. They are based on acclaimed research and are consistently reviewed and verified by the international nomenclature committee (20-25 of the leading Ph.D.’s in human embryology). The Carnegie Stages are internationally required to be used professionally in all textbooks written by human embryologists (emphasis added).”

When do they say human life begins?

Carnegie Stage 1a states it is at first contact “(of the sperm and oocyte). Once first contact takes place there is substantial change that itself determines what comes next, genetically and otherwise — so at first contact you have an “actual” human being not a “possible” human being (emphasis added).”

Occupying the Oval Office doesn’t give Mr. Biden a free pass to foment false information to advance a tragically flawed political agenda.

A frequently used tool of the media when reporting on the Texas Heartbeat Act is to refer to the baby’s heartbeat at six weeks as “cardiac activity” to dehumanize the child. It is often followed by “The term ‘fetal heartbeat’ is considered a misnomer because an embryo doesn’t possess a heart at that point.”

This falsehood conflicts with one of most respected texts in the field of obstetrics.

Creasy and Resnik’s Maternal Fetal Medicine, 2019, page 54, states “The primitive circulatory system (beginning as a simple tubular heart which then folds and develops into the 4 chamber heart) is one of the earliest systems to function and does so by about 4 weeks developmental age (emphasis added).”

Where are the infamous “fact-checkers”?

20 weeks

Our past knowledge of science and medicine, combined with stunning advancements of ultrasound and diagnostic tools, show Roe v Wade to be a flawed and outdated decision that must be reversed. Considering that over 62-million babies have been erroneously sentenced to death, the President, the media, and everyone else must get the facts correct.

These prenatal certainties support the humanity of the unborn child from the moment of fertilization. At first glance it would appear most of the US Supreme Court grasps this fundamental reality that eludes our president and other advocates of unbridled abortion on demand.

Pro-life education is a powerful tool.


Standing for truth and justice,

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5 thoughts on “Crumbling Arrogance

  1. Thank you for this article.

    The whole excuse list is a mile long. The proabortionists will say anything that’s convenient to their argument at any given time. There is only one thing they CAN be counted on, and that is to lie. Lie about the gestation timeline, lie about a fetus’ development, lie about the safety of abortions, wordsmith “choice” into killing, and it just goes on and on into an exhausting, poorly constructed narrative.

  2. Thank you Brad, it is very well explained. Of course that the life begin at fertilization. All the DNA and chromosomes are inside in it first stage of life, with the color of our eyes and everything we have for all our life. The body and soul are together at the same moment. It is a human being, all complete.Talmir Rodrigues , Medical Pediatrician in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

  3. Brad, your research and presentation of accurate and factual data is quite impressive. Keep up the good work. The pressure on the pro-aborts is indeed increasing greatly and they will crumble as did the Berlin Wall.

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