Achieving Abortion Nirvana

Bradley Mattes   |   January 27, 2022

Speculation that Roe v Wade may be history this year motivated the governor of one state to go above and beyond in his efforts to make it a “sanctuary” for unrestrained abortion.

According to their strategic plan, the lengths they plan to go to enshrine abortion may surprise even pro-abortion activists.

Governor Newsom

California Governor Gavin Newsom declared his state would be an abortion “sanctuary” for the women of California and beyond. To accomplish this goal, he brought together over 40 pro-abortion organizations and politicians to develop a list of must-haves to achieve abortion nirvana.

They produced a document called California Future of Abortion Council, Recommendations to Protect, Strengthen, and Expand Abortion Care in California. They have seven stated goals with 45 policy recommendations to make them reality. Here are the highlights.

One: First on the list is funding. Not content with having California taxpayers paying for abortions, the Future of Abortion Council (FAC) also wants them to foot the bill for related expenses. These include travel, hotel, meals, childcare, lost wages, and sick time.

The plan goes a step further by including nonresidents of California. Thus, ensuring women who live in nearby states that prohibit abortion have an unencumbered alternative to end the lives of their babies.

Two: Streamline the Medi-Cal process for state-funded abortions. Medi-Cal accounts for nearly half of all abortions committed in the state. FAC wants to make sure there are no gaps or delays in coverage, or financial shortfalls in reimbursement for abortionists, their staff, and the abortion facilities. FAC also advocates updating and increasing the reimbursement rates for those involved in providing abortion services – a state funded raise for the abortion industry.

Three: A financial and legal leg up for the abortion industry. FAC would:

  • Reward abortionists by repaying their college loans.
  • Create a liability insurance fund for abortionists, residents, nurse practitioners, and nurse midwives – those legally allowed to commit abortions in California.
  • Supplemental liability insurance for abortion facilities and community health centers that dispense chemical abortion pills.
  • Force primary care and family medicine education programs to include abortion training.

Four: Eliminate bothersome administrative and institutional guidelines designed to protect women.

  • Allow abortionists to jettison safety guidelines such as ultrasounds, testing or follow-up visits for chemical abortions without reducing the rate of their reimbursement.
  • Eliminate Medi-Cal policies that restrict reimbursement for late-term abortions.
  • Abolish existing restrictions on late-term abortions throughout the state.
  • Force religiously affiliated hospitals to commit abortions.

Five: Insulate abortionists from civil and criminal liability, including disciplinary action. Proposed changes would also protect women and accomplices suspected of self-induced or criminal abortions and prevent access to medical records when investigating such incidents.

Six: Absolute control of the abortion narrative:

  • Censor information deemed “harmful and misleading” from pro-life pregnancy help centers.
  • Fund and disseminate California’s “comprehensive sexual health education mandate” (CSE) advocating abortion and other controversial schemes.
  • Force schools to provide CSE materials and monitor school districts for compliance.
  • Fund organizations that provide approved pro-abortion information.
  • Fund oversight to address so-called “abortion misinformation and disinformation.”
  • Fund the indoctrination of Medi-Cal recipients regarding “types of abortion, rights to access and eligibility/coverage.”
  • Force schools to participate in the California Healthy Kids Survey that includes abortion as one of its key elements.

Seven: Collect data and conduct research to weed out any remaining barriers to abortion. The primary “beneficiaries” would be individuals “with low incomes, immigrants, and undocumented” populations – weeding out the undesirables.

These extreme policies protect hack abortionists from civil or criminal penalties, silence the opposition, and fund and expand the abortion industry and those who support it. Several organizations serving as FAC participants directly benefit financially from these policy changes.

Standing in the gap for LIFE,

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