Abortion Industry Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Bradley Mattes   |   August 07, 2020

The US Supreme Court has used viability as the determining factor whether or not unborn babies have the right to protection from abortion.

Viability is not a medical or scientific measure of the humanity of the unborn child. It is only the earliest point at which technology can keep a baby alive outside the womb.

The good news is that viability is receding earlier and earlier into pregnancy. A study published early this year demonstrates just how effective the medical community is at successfully keeping these extreme preemies alive and ultimately sent home to their families.

The study published in the February 1, 2020 issue of the Journal of Pediatrics looked at 255 infants born between 22 and 25 weeks gestation from 2006 to 2015. All the babies were born at the same institution.

The results are an encouragement to parents who give birth to these very early and very tiny infants.

Of the babies born between 22 and 23 weeks gestation, 78% survived to be discharged from the NICU and sent home to their families.

89% of those born between 24-25 weeks survived.

There is more good news. Of the outcomes analyzed, a majority (64%) of the surviving babies born in both categories experienced “no or mild neurodevelopmental impairment.”

This is an exciting development that the abortion industry would rather be kept secret. Late-term abortion is lucrative. The further along in pregnancy, the more the abortionist can charge the mother. It is also the aspect of the industry that is most carefully guarded from public view because the killing of babies past the point of viability has the least support among public opinion.

Youngest premie ever – 21 weeks. Click the picture for his story.

Their dirty little secret of routine infanticide for babies who survive late-term abortions was widely exposed when Virginia’s Governor, Ralph Northam, was caught on video advocating this atrocity against humanity.

Now some babies survive at just 21 weeks gestation—that’s about half way through pregnancy. Think about the implications.

This recent study and other advancements are part of a trend that is slowly but surely positioning the abortion industry between a rock and a hard place. As viability slips earlier into pregnancy, the vast percentage of American opinion against abortion follows.

With time and the advancement of technology, a stronger case is being made for an America without abortion.



For the babies and their mothers,

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4 thoughts on “Abortion Industry Between a Rock and a Hard Place

  1. Here is another ‘dirty little secret” — anti-life advocates along with abortionists are pushing to legally define viability as beginning at 25 weeks. This will be the new “Standard of Care” allowing late term abortions to continue.

  2. As the numbers add up thru the years and contrasted to
    disease,virus`s,death`s on the highways,natural ocurrances.
    Abortion`s high numbers are shameful at the least. One day
    all us will be accountable for letting this continue in the world.
    The real judge will give sentence and he is just. Jehovah,
    God, Jesus Christ.
    Steven This year starting January 2020 til Aug 2020 aprox
    25 million precious babies God`s creation God`s
    gift killed.

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