Youngest Preemie EVER

History has been made by a tiny premature baby.  Jemarius Harbor, Jr. is the youngest surviving preemie ever.  He was born at just 21-weeks, only seven days past the halfway mark of pregnancy.  Jemarius was born in December weighing 13 ounces and has graduated from the NICU and is going home!  When he was born, Jemarius’ mother looked the doctor in the eyes and said, “I just want you to try.  Don’t just up and say you can’t do it.  Just because you haven’t done it before, doesn’t mean it can’t be done.”  Babies this young are more the exception than the norm, but now twenty-two-week survivors are more common, and God willing, medical technology could advance to make Jemarius’ survival commonplace.  Please rejoice with these parents.

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One thought on “Youngest Preemie EVER

  1. What a miracle & how precious he is ! Praying God’s blessing on your family . May Jemarius grow into a Godly man that will leave a great impact on every person he comes in contract and change many hearts for the Lord. God Bless you all!

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