Ohio Issue 1


Ohio Issue 1

Bradley Mattes   |   October 23, 2023


 A HUGE vote is taking place in Ohio next Tuesday.  If passed Issue 1 would enshrine abortion until birth into its state’s constitution.  It would also strip parents of any rights with their children regarding any medical procedure, including abortion and sex change operations.  The ACLU and other well-funded groups are spending tens of millions of dollars to lie to Ohio voters, telling them women won’t receive emergency medical treatment related to pregnancies.  A pro-abortion activist repeated this lie fourteen times during a televised debate on Issue 1.  If you live in Ohio, please vote against Issue 1.  Please pray it’s defeated.  If this passes in Ohio it’s coming to other states like yours.  Visit lifeissues.org for a special radio documentary we’ve produced and share it with others.

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