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This week’s Straight Talk on Life Issues program covers crucial information on Ohio’s Issue 1, a proposed constitutional amendment that would make abortion a right in the State Constitution. Brad and Victor are joined by expert guests, Amy Natoce and Mehek Cooke from Protect Women Ohio, as they break down why it is critical to defeat this radical amendment. Not only for the state of Ohio, but for the entire country. This amendment would be among the most radical in the nation, far worse than the standards of Roe v. Wade and includes language that strips parental rights even beyond the subject of abortion.

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Watch the debate with Protecting Women Ohio on Issue 1.


Vote NO on Issue 1 in November.  Cincinnati Right to Life is dedicated to protecting women and children.

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Ohio women need to reject the abortion industry’s dangerous Issue 1 proposal, which would outlaw basic health and safety protections for women, eliminate parental notification and consent laws that protect minor girls, and allow painful abortions up until birth in our state.


Mehek Cooke is a small business owner, attorney and sports agent. She is the Spokeswoman for Protect Women Ohio and also serves as Media Advisor to Americans for Prosperity in Ohio. Mehek has over a decade of experience providing campaign, communications, and policy advice to national, statewide and local candidates running for office.  As a regular conservative contributor to Ohio and Canadian media outlets Mehek provides expertise and insight on legal, business and economic issues, parental rights, school choice, immigration, race relations, law enforcement, and national security.

Amy Natoce serves as press secretary for Protect Women Ohio. She is a veteran of Ohio campaigns, having served on the federal, state and local levels. She most recently served as campaign manager for Attorney General Dave Yost’s successful 2022 re-election campaign and remains a close advisor to the attorney general.

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