Hypocrisy Exposed


Hypocrisy Exposed

Bradley Mattes   |   May 16, 2023

During a popular online program, podcaster Tim Pool interviewed Lance from The Serfs, a socialist YouTube channel.  When abortion came up Lance said a woman has “ultimate authority over what happens to her body.”  Tim asked, “What about meth?”  Lance said that then the government should intervene.  Tim said, “It’s her body, though.  If she wants to do meth, what’s the big deal?”  Lance responded, “The big deal is that she’s intentionally trying to kill a child.”  A pregnant pause followed – pun intended.  Due to circumstances alone this extreme Leftist believes one baby deserves the right to life while the other doesn’t.  Tim exposed the hypocritical and moral bankrupt reasoning of pro-abortion activists.  Moments like these motivate me.  To watch this exchange visit lifeissues.org.

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