1976: Helping Women After Abortion

Where were you in 1976?  Were you even born?  Debbie Ummel, Jolie Zimmer and Marbeth Foley – members of Milwaukee Feminists for Life – wanted to help women who were hurting after abortion.  They went to Dr. Monte Liebman, a psychiatrist for help, but he told them they could do it themselves.  The ladies were skeptical at first, but with training they began offering hope to women who suffered a loss by abortion, miscarriage and adoption placement.  They used the Yellow Pages (ask someone if you don’t know what they are ) and a twenty-four-hour phone line that was forwarded to the homes of volunteers.  They called it the Pregnancy Aftermath Helpline, and it quickly became a lifeline to hurting mothers and fathers in the Milwaukee area.  Thanks, Dan Zeidler, for this look back.

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