No Woman Stands Alone

In a post-Roe America, several states have moved to end abortion.  This means many young mothers and fathers desperately need practical life-affirming resources for them and their babies.  Pastors, abortion isn’t a political issue, it’s a ministerial issue.  Women and men facing unexpected pregnancies need the church to be ready and equipped to assist them.  Mothers and fathers of aborted babies are sitting in your pews believing the sin of abortion is too horrific for God’s grace and forgiveness.  Your church can make sure No Woman Stands Alone, the title of my Sanctity of Life radio special.  We’ll equip both pastors and laymen to become warriors of ministry in a new post-Roe America.  Learn more about the opportunities ahead and to find helpful resources at

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One thought on “No Woman Stands Alone

  1. This is wonderful. Perhaps considering posting something from Brett Attebery with Heroic Media, or Thrive – Oklahoma and Philadelphia, who believe that a critical shift must occur. Where Women need decide to NOT have an Abortion BEFORE they are Pregnant.

    Check out Catholic Gentleman and Kristan Hawkins where they interview Brett Attebery.

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