We Know When Life Begins


We Know When Life Begins

Bradley Mattes   |   October 18, 2019

A recent Planned Parenthood video attempted to train others how to stand up for abortion.  Two young women, reading from a teleprompter, repeated tired, old talking points of how to defend the indefensible – the killing of innocent unborn babies and the traumatizing of their mothers.  One of their suggestions was unforgiveable.  They advised viewers to not get bogged down “about when life begins. There is no scientific consensus on the issue.”  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  The Carnegie Stages of Human Embryonic Development have been the gold standard of medical experts around the world since nineteen forty-two.  And they say life begins at fertilization, when sperm and egg make contact.  Plain and simple, Planned Parenthood is lying.

Here is the video referred to above.

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