Spina Bifida not Slowing Sarah Down


Spina Bifida not Slowing Sarah Down

Bradley Mattes   |   October 25, 2019

Spina bifida occurs when a baby’s spinal cord doesn’t form properly during development in the womb.  The condition usually causes paralysis.  Sadly, about half of unborn babies diagnosed with spina bifida are aborted.  Sarah Switzer is proving those decisions wrong.  Sarah was one of the first to benefit from fetal surgery during her mom’s pregnancy.  Thanks to a foundation, she got involved with adaptive water skiing that accommodates her reliance on a wheelchair.  In just a few years she piled up the medals and is looking forward to the World Championships in Victoria Australia in twenty twenty-one.  People with spina bifida can lead enjoyable, productive lives.  Abortion is never the answer to a disability.  Sarah is living proof!

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