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Charlotte Lozier Institute: The Pro-Life Think Tank

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The Charlotte Lozier Institute is the research arm of Susan B. Anthony List. The organization’s namesake, Charlotte Denman Lozier (1844-1870), was one of the first female physicians in the United States – and she worked diligently to protect the lives of the unborn and the dignity of women.

Since its founding in 2011, CLI has established itself as the go-to source for quality research that provides the basis for the pro-life case. Led by President Chuck Donovan, CLI scholars regularly publish policy papers and articles that feature methodical and groundbreaking scholarship in the fields of science and medicine on a wide range of life issues.

CLI is harnessing science to demonstrate that every human is “fearfully and wonderfully made.” From ethical adult stem cell research to reporting on the amazing work of pro-life pregnancy centers, the physicians, professors, statisticians, sociologists, and policy researchers who make up CLI’s impressive network of experts work to inform pro-life Americans.

Conducting and promoting superior research is the foundation for the success of the Pro-life Movement. On that basis can pro-life policies be crafted that improve women’s health – not including abortion – and overall family well-being.

The Charlotte Lozier Institute seeks to provide the highest quality research to pro-life groups on the front lines in the fight for life in America.

“In our partnership with SBA List,” said Life Issues Institute President Bradley Mattes, “we have greatly benefitted from the expertise and research made avail- able to us through CLI.”

With our related missions, Life Issues Institute is proud to work with Charlotte Lozier Institute to educate Americans on all life issues.

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2 thoughts on “Charlotte Lozier Institute: The Pro-Life Think Tank

  1. I am working on a survey on life issues for candidates running for the Virginia House of Delegates and the Virginia Senate in the 2019 elections. I would appreciate if have knowledge of any questionnaires or surveys used in other states that have been effective in ferreting out the bottom-line views of candidates on specific aspects of pro-life culture.

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