Chemical Abortion Pill Endangers Young Girls

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Chemical Abortion Pill Endangers Young Girls

Bradley Mattes   |   November 21, 2016

One danger of chemical abortion pills is they send the girl home to abort by herself.  Since profuse bleeding is expected, young girls and women don’t know when they’ve crossed the line and bleed to death.  This happened with a fifteen-year-old girl who had an abortion without telling her parents.  By the time she went to her mom for help, it was too late.  They rushed her to the hospital but she was dead on arrival.  She had bled to death.  This abortion happened in Kenya, but it can easily happen here.  Planned Parenthood puts up a wall of secrecy around young girls and then gives them dangerous abortion pills.  The FDA even recently loosened the safety guidelines, meaning more young girls and women will be in danger and may die with their babies. Please join me in praying for girls contemplating abortion.

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