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An unexpected pregnancy can be as frightening for a man as it is for a woman. An abortion may seem an easy way out, but it short-circuits five key motivators that help men find fulfillment and purpose in life.

Beyond sexual pleasure, a man finds pleasure in true companionship with a woman and the joy of watching his children grow up.

Almost every man values the idea of having offspring of his own flesh and blood to carry on not just the family name but also the human race.

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A man instinctively knows that his family will look to him for many of life’s necessities.

The need for a man to protect his offspring should not be underestimated.

Performance is not merely sexual performance. It encompasses how a man is perceived among his peers, his family and his community.

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We Love Dads, Here are Some Ways to Help:

we love dadsIf a man you know is struggling with the aftermath of a woman’s abortion, help is available. You’ll find resources on our website. Men can even ask to speak confidentially with a trained counselor.


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When pro-abortion activists said the pro-life movement didn’t care about women, we said, “Why can’t we love them both?”

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