Loving Them Both for 25 Years

LoveThemBoth_NoGlowAt a critical time for the pro-life movement, Life Issues Institute led the way in changing the conversation about abortion. In the early 1990s, Dr. and Mrs. Willke recognized that advocates for life needed a tool to convey their compassion not only for babies but for women as well. They needed a way to counter pro-abortion arguments that women didn’t matter to the movement. Research, focus groups and discussion with other leaders led to a new vision.

Love Them Both

The pro-life movement not only embraced the idea of Love Them Both but also embodied it. They reached out in love to frightened women who believed abortion was the answer and to women already hurt by abortion. Love Them Both re-energized and refocused the movement.


We love babies, too! Click image to see photos from the womb.


We love moms, too! Click image to learn how the pro-life movement supports teen moms.

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