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Breaking News: Righteous outrage doesn’t extend everywhere

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Righteous outrage doesn’t extend everywhere

Chilling headlines made international news this week, as the world witnessed terrifying and graphic images that can only be described as pure evil. Dozens of small bodies wrapped in white sheets lined mass graves following the Syrian massacre that killed over one hundred—nearly half of them children. The brutality of the attack is incomprehensible. One of the latest reports claims that the victims were bound before being killed. The UN stated many were killed by close-range gunfire or knife attacks. And an eye witness testified that parents were forced to watch, helpless as their young children were violently executed before their eyes. There are no words to describe the inhumanity and cruelty these people suffered.

This bloody and brutal slaughter prompted a swift and decisive response from the US government, who joined other countries to immediately expel Syrian diplomats and impose sanctions. Society may concede to the existence of wars and other acts of violence between adults, however when innocent, defenseless children are targeted in deliberate and vicious acts, citizens of the world unite in protection of humanity… except when those atrocities occur in the womb.

We collectively cringe at the thought of a child suffering a violent death, yet abortion somehow remains an issue that is legal and even encouraged throughout the world.

China is by far the most severe, with its politically dictated one-child policy and depraved forced abortions. Unfortunately, this harsh disregard for human life exists in all countries:

  • The UK has released statistics showing that there are women who have received up to nine abortions under the NHS, the British version of Obamacare.
  • In Australia, the Journal of Medical Ethics published an article entitled After-birth abortion: why should the baby live? advocating that killing a newborn is ‘ethically permissible’ because it is no different than abortion.
  • This week, the United States Congress defeated—with the quiet support of Barack Obama—a bill to make sex-selective abortions (killing unborn baby girls simply because they are girls) illegal.

Why is there not equal outrage over the death sentence carried out against millions of unborn babies across the globe? Is it because we allow ourselves to become detached from the reality of what is happening? Has abortion become just another issue for debate, news headlines and statistics?

More than 54 million unborn babies have been killed since the Roe v. Wade decision 40 years ago. How can we grasp the significance of such an astronomical number in our everyday life? Take a look at what the statistics mean on a more personal and relatable level:

  • In the US, an estimated 1.2 million babies are killed in abortion each year.
  • 3,200 babies die every day from abortion.
  • Every 23 seconds another baby is killed by abortion in the US.

(For more details, click here to see the statistics and sources cited on our website.)

Stop and count out 23 seconds, and imagine a life ending. In just the time it’s taken you to read this email, anywhere from 10 to 15 lives or more have ended at the hands of abortionists. At that rate, it can feel overwhelming, and even insurmountable, to end abortion. Yet, hearts and minds are being changed every day because pro-life truths are shattering the pro-abortion lies.

Remember that for decades, abortionists falsely claimed that “it’s not a baby; it’s just a clump of cells.” Then ultrasound proved otherwise, clearly displaying the miraculous development of an unborn baby. This revolutionary tool has saved countless lives by giving a visual reminder that pregnancy is not about “choice”; it’s about a child.

Although laws are certainly an important factor, it is not legislation, but rather education that leads individuals to embrace a culture of life. Don’t lose sight of the difference that you can make on a personal level. If you are wondering what you can do, please visit our website for a list of helpful tips of how you can help counter the pro-abortion agenda. We can all make a difference. Volunteer, donate, speak with your family, friends and community, and together we can save lives and end abortion, one life at a time.

For innocent human life—born and unborn,

Bradley Mattes
Executive Director
Life Issues Institute


Life Issues Institute is dedicated to changing hearts and minds of millions of people through education. Organizations and individuals around the world depend upon Life Issues Institute to provide the latest information and effective tools to protect innocent human life from womb to tomb.

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