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Ammunition Against RU-486

ve8QAd   |   October 01, 2000

RU 486, the abortion drug, has been legalized by the FDA. The pill will be dispensed only by abortionists directly to the patient. It will take three visits. On the first, the patient will be given RU 486. On the second visit, the patient will be given the prostaglandin, Cytotec. Will the doctor do an ultrasound, blood count, etc. the first time to be sure that the woman is pregnant, that the baby is growing inside of her womb, and that she has no major health contraindications? Will there be adequate follow-up? Will it be given to those under 18? Much remains to be seen.

Now is the time for everyone to learn as much as they can about this drug. Accordingly, we offer you two very useful tools. The first is a brochure, entitled RU 486, A Human Pesticide, describes in layman’s terms what RU 486 does and the effect it has on unborn babies and their mothers. For a limited time, Hayes Publishing Company is offering the brochure at a 50% discount. Due to these discounted prices, payment is required with your order. The cost is $11.50 for units of 100 plus $5.00 for postage and handling of any quantity ordered. A complimentary copy is available when you include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Send your orders to Hayes Publishing Company, 6304 Hamilton Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45224, Phone (513) 681-7559.

The second is a video recently completed by Indiana Right to Life. It is a panel discussion of experts, including Dr. Willke, on RU 486. Basic information is outlined on how the drug works, the process of this chemical abortion and its effect on women.

The cost is $15.00 which includes shipping and handling. You may order your copy by contacting Indiana Right to Life, 5001 Plaza East Blvd., Suite B, Evansville, IN 47715. Phone (812) 474-3195.

These tools give simple but comprehensive information regarding all the facts about these drugs used to kill unborn babies.

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