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It’s Not About Bucks. It’s About Babies.

ve8QAd   |   April 01, 2000

In the event you haven’t heard the latest about the abortion industry harvesting and selling body parts of aborted babies, let me update you. When we first brought this story to you nearly a year ago, many (ourselves included) reacted with disbelief. It seemed too ghastly and inhumane to be true.

No longer are we questioning whether this Frankenstein-like industry actually exists. Thanks to the investigative efforts of Mark Crutcher and Dzintra Tuttle at Life Dynamics, several developments have taken place to validate their tireless work.

A major network, ABC, aired a segment on 20/20 on March 8. It included secretly recorded video footage of a posh lunch with Miles Jones, a pathologist and owner of Opening Lines, a wholesaler in baby body parts. This is the brazen company that has circulated a price list of body parts horrifyingly similar to a cannibal’s wish list.

While dining on lobster bisque and roast duck, Dr. Jones said, ““If you have a guy who is desperate for, let’s say, a heart…then he’ll pay you whatever you ask.”” Further, Dr. Jones plans to exploit women in Mexico by setting up his own abortion chamber. By offering cheaper abortions he feels he can get a greater supply of fetal tissue. “If you control the flow, it’s probably the equivalent of the invention of the assembly line,” said Dr. Jones. Could there be a worse exploitation of women and their babies? Where is the outrage from feminists?

The 20/20 segment should be considered a breakthrough. The secular media, long known for a tradition of skewering pro-lifers, allowed millions of viewers to see the desperately seedy side of abortion. Sure, there the network could have done better, but for an entity noted for its pro-abortion bias, this was a big first step in the right direction. Imagine the number of people who were educated that night!

There have been other developments that have been encouraging. The FBI in Kansas City, MO has launched a federal investigation into the activities of Miles Jones. FBI spokesman Jeff Lanza told a reporter, “We are investigating possible criminal violations in the marketing of fetal tissue to determine if there is a violation of federal criminal law.”

In addition, state Senator Anita Yeckel of St. Louis, Missouri, proposed legislation to require abortion chambers, their contractors and hospitals to report all transfers of fetal tissue to the Missouri Department of Health when money is involved. This is only a reporting bill and would not prohibit the use of aborted baby body parts for experimentation. The solidly pro-abortion governor of Missouri, Mel Carnahan, announced that he was creating a task force that would review existing laws on fetal tissue research. It’s possible that this gruesome practice is even too much for a governor who vetoed the Partial-Birth abortion ban.

A bill has been introduced in Kansas to prevent abortion chambers from financially profiting from the sale of fetal tissue. Representative Phill Kline said that “evidence indicates that federal law has been violated in Kansas on a continued basis.”

On March 9 the Commerce Subcommittee on Health and Environment held a hearing on the harvesting of baby body parts in Washington, DC. Pro-abortion congressmen had attempted to close the hearing to the public. Thankfully, grass roots opposition thwarted that effort.

As expected, pro-abortion Democrats went after the key witness, Dean Alberty, with a vengeance, as pro-life Republicans seemed to be caught off guard by their congressional counterparts. The good news is that considerable documentation, such as internal financial records of the abortion industry, price lists of body parts and abortion clinic protocols for this barbaric procedure, have been brought to the attention of Congress and is of record. The Subcommittee, as well as the full Committee, voted to hold Miles Jones in contempt for ignoring his subpoena and refusing to testify at the hearing. The contempt matter must now go before the full House.

A committee aide has expressed optimism that future hearings will be held later this year. To encourage this development, we are asking you to contact members of the Subcommittee on Health and Environment. Please call or write, as well as generating as many responses as possible. See the action item after this article.

There is a consistent theme, pervasive in virtually all of the responses we’ve seen to date regarding the harvesting of aborted baby body parts for research. The message being sent is that it’s okay to dissect the bodies of aborted babies, ship them out by Federal Express and experiment on the remains – just don’t make money off of it. Mark Crutcher recently said something to me that we all need to remember and repeat whenever this topic arises in conversation or print. “It’s not about bucks. It’s about babies.”

Calls to members of Congress, letters to the editor, articles in pro-life publications and every conversation or e-mail should include the message that killing unborn babies and harvesting parts of their bodies is a gross violation of the most basic human right. IT IS WRONG!


Contact members of the Subcommittee on Health and Environment. Encourage them to hold hearings on the use of aborted baby body parts for experimentation, and urge them to oppose the use of aborted babies for this purpose. Send mail to: The Honorable __________, Subcommittee on Health and Environment, 2125 Rayburn HOB, Washington, DC 20151-5118. Phone (202) 225-2927.

Members: Thomas M. Barrett – WI, Brian P. Bilbray – CA, Michael Bilirakis –FL, Thomas J. Bliley – VA, Sherrod Brown – OH, Ed Bryant – TN, Richard Burr – NC, Lois Capps – CA, Tom A. Coburn – OK, Barbara Cubin – WY, Nathan Deal – GA, Diana DeGette – CO, Peter Deutsch – FL, Anna G. Eshoo – CA, Greg Ganske – IA, Gene Green – TX, James C. Greenwood – PA, Ralph M. Hall – TX, Rick Lazio – NY, Charlie Norwood – GA, Frank Pallone, Jr. – NJ, Charles W. “Chip” Pickering – MS, John B. Shadegg – AZ, Cliff Stearns – FL, Bart Stupak – MI, Ted Strickland – OH, Edolphus Towns – NY, Fred Upton – MI, Henry A. Waxman – CA, Ed Whitfield – KY.

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