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ve8QAd   |   April 01, 2000

A notorious late-term abortionist in Wichita, Kansas, named George Tiller, also known as “Tiller the Killer”, now has some serious pro-life competition from next door.

Choices Medical Clinic opened its doors in December of 1999. It is one of only a handful of clinics like it in the nation, staffed by on-site physicians, nurses and social workers who specialize in unexpected pregnancies. They purchased a building directly next door to Tiller’s late-term abortion compound where women come from all over the nation to receive late-term abortions.

Choices Medical Clinic provides prenatal medical care, including 3-D ultrasonography, counseling services, adoption information, and education and practical support. These services are provided, free of charge, to women, men and their families facing an unexpected pregnancy. They also plan to establish a 24-hour hotline. Medical director Scott Stringfield MD said, “”We hope to give them a different choice—the only choice that makes sense and the only choice that gives life.””

In addition, the clinic offers its medical knowledge and expertise to others. It plans to educate through their web site and hopes to develop a training program on CD-ROM, which will enable them to educate those in practice throughout the nation and in remote areas around the world.

Another service in the making is Perinatal Hospice, which will provide counseling and support for mothers with pregnancies affected by lethal congenital anomalies. The concept allows patients to “bond, love and care for these children even for the short time they might be here with their families.”

Ongoing programs include a physician residency program in crisis pregnancy management, as well as education for resident physicians, which includes a course on August 4-5, called Advanced Life Support For Unplanned Pregnancy. For more information, contact them at Choices Medical Clinic, 538 S. Bleckley, Wichita, KS 67218. You can also visit their web site or call (316) 687-2792.

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