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The abortion industry says that babies in the womb aren’t humans, but instead they are just a clump of cells. Melissa Ohden, Lauren Eden, and Rosemarie Fenchel live to tell another story. They survived abortion attempts and join us on Straight Talk on Life Issues to share their unique experiences as survivors.  

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Abortion Survivors Network

Most people do not realize that sometimes abortion procedures fail, are stopped, or reversed (abortion pill), and survivors exist. Our research estimates that 85,817 infants have been born alive after failed abortions since 1973. The average number of abortion survivors each year is approximately 1,734. Are you one of the survivors? The Abortion Survivors Network has a message for you, “We see you, we care about you, and we understand.” With over 700 abortion survivors located already, you are not alone. No matter what you have been through, we are here for you.



An Abortion Survivor’s Herat to Heart with her Mother

You’ve heard Karen’s experience with stopping her abortion. You’ve heard Lauren’s story of surviving the abortion. Now, hear what it looks like to share these vulnerable stories together. What hope can other families have who are impacted by abortion?


Born-Alive Abortion Survivors: Documented Cases

Planned Parenthood and Democrats DEFEND Born-Alive Abortions. Born-Alive Abortions DO happen. Here’s the proof:

Planned Parenthood says “There is no such thing as abortion until or after birth.”

Here’s just four (of 270+ documented) abortion survivors:

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Another Abortion Survivor’s Story

The place was Seoul, South Korea. The time was 1987. A woman underwent an abortion procedure attempting to end the life of her 32-week-old baby. The abortion was unsuccessful and a baby girl was born alive. No one is certain how this baby survived, but it is known that within minutes of her unintended live delivery, this little life was wrapped in newspapers and left alone on a shelf to die.

Teresa was rescued and taken to a hospital where she spent the first few months of life before being placed in a foster home and eventually adopted by Susan and Victor Ippoliti.


Miracle Babies, Abortion Survivors

Babies escape abortion more times than people realize and this episode puts faces to a growing segment of society know as abortion survivors. Guests include:

Melisaa Ohden: She survived a failed saline abortion in 1977 and was left for dead by the abortionist. But a nurse later found her and stepped in to save her life. Melissa was later adopted by a loving family and has been sharing her story since she found out about her survival history.

Josiah Presley: Josiah is a 17-year-old from a large adoptive family in Oklahoma. His life is filled with an incredible faith and a loving family. But his life could easily have been over before it even began when his birth mother attempted to abort him. Josiah miraculously survived and is just beginning to share his story with others.

Baby Survives Two Abortions

A young woman and her boyfriend became unexpectedly pregnant.  Each has children from a previous relationship, and they were financially strapped, so she opted for a chemical abortion.  She took the pills, experienced bleeding but continued to have pregnancy symptoms.

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Abortion Survivor is Adopted

A good friend of mine is Melissa Ohden, and she has an unusual adoption story for this week of special adoption programming during National Adoption Awareness Month. Melissa survived a late-term, salt-poison abortion procedure. She had many challenges as a very premature baby, but miraculously, she survived unscathed.

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Faces of Choice

Faces of Choice was birthed to bring awareness to a demographic of survivors that has gone largely unnoticed: those who were aborted but survived. While highlighting a few of the thousands of stories of survivors of abortion, who are living in the United States and throughout the world, we wish to emphasize the themes of hope, love, forgiveness, and often reconciliation, which characterize their lives.

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Melissa Ohden is the Founder and Director of The Abortion Survivors Network, the only advocacy organization for abortion survivors and their families worldwide. She is the author of the award-winning book featuring her life story, You Carried Me: A Daughter’s Memoir and most recently, the co-author of Abortion Survivors Break Their Silence.  

Lauren Eden is a wife, mom, minister, and second trimester surgical abortion survivor. In 2020, Lauren connected with the Abortion Survivors Network, which catapulted her into sharing her abortion survivor story. 



Rosemarie “Rose” Fenchel is a chemical and saline injection abortion survivor and NJ Awareness Advocate for the Abortion Survivors Network. As a pro-life voice, she brings a message of hope and encouragement about the value of every human life. She shares her incredible survival story along with her younger sister who survived the same procedure.  

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