Brain Death & Organ Donation

Definition of Brain Death: the “irreversible coma with apnea [no respiration], loss of all brainstem reflexes and absence of activity on an electroencephalogram.”

The diagnosis is highly subjective (opinion-based).

According to the American Academy of Neurology Guidelines for Brain Death Determination

“Many of the details of the clinical neurologic examination to determine brain death cannot be established by evidence-based methods. The detailed brain death evaluation protocol that follows is intended as a useful tool for clinicians. It must be emphasized that this guidance is opinion-based. Alternative protocols may be equally informative.” (emphasis added)


Surprising Realities of Organ Donation and Brain Death

“When families are numb with grief and shock, the idea that their loved one may somehow live on through donation may offer comfort. Procurement teams are well aware of families’ vulnerability. They also are aware of families’ ignorance about brain death.”  Read the full article here.


Revoking Organ Donation consent

If you have registered as an organ donor and have changed your mind, you can ask to be removed from the list. Our research shows that a phone call to your closest geographic location is the best option.

*Most states prefer phone contact.


Alabama Organ Center



LifeCenter Northwest

Or call 907-562-LIFE (5433) or outside of Anchorage call 800-719-LIFE (5433).



Donor Network of Arizona



Arkansas Regional Organ Recovery Agency

Mid-America Transplant (Clay, Craighead, Greene, Independence, Lawrence Counties)

Mid-South Transplant Foundation, Inc. (Crittenden, Cross, Lee, Mississippi, Phillips, St. Francis Counties)

Southwest Transplant Alliance (Miller County)



Donor Network West (Northern California)

Sierra Donor Network (North Central California)

LifeSharing (Imperial, San Diego)

OneLegacy (Southern California)



Donor Alliance, Inc.



Life Choice Donor Services

New England Organ Bank (Southwestern Connecticut)



Gift of Life Donor Program


District of Columbia

Washington Regional Transplant Community



LifeLink of Florida (West)

LifeQuest Organ Recovery Services (Northern Florida)

TransLife (Eastern Florida)

LifeAlliance Organ Recovery Agency (Southern Florida)



LifeLink of Georgia

Tennessee Donor Services (Catoosa, Dade, and Walker Counties)



Legacy of Life Hawaii



Intermountain Donor Services (Southern Idaho)

LifeCenter Northwest (Northern Idaho)

Pacific Northwest Transplant Bank (West Central Idaho)



Mid-America Transplant Services (Southern Illinois)

Gift of Hope Organ & Tissue Donor Network (Northern and Central Illinois)

University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinic (Winnebago County)

608-261-6854 or number in link below



Indiana Donor Network

Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates (Clark, Floyd, Harrison, Scott Counties)

LifeCenter Organ Donor Network (Dearborn, Ohio Counties)



Iowa Donor Network

Nebraska Organ Recovery System (Pottawattamie County)



Midwest Transplant Network

Mid-America Transplant Services (St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center, Topeka)



Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates

LifeCenter Organ Donor Network (Boone, Campbell, Gallatin, Grant, Kenton, Pendleton Counties)

Tennessee Donor Services External Web Site Policy (Christian County)



Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency



New England Organ Bank



Living Legacy Foundation of Maryland

Washington Regional Transplant Community (Charles, Montgomery, Prince George’s Counties)



New England Organ Bank

Life Choice Donor Services (Franklin, Hampden, Hampshire Counties)

Center for Donation and Transplant (Berkshire County)



Gift of Life Michigan

University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinic (Northwestern Michigan)

Or call 608-261-6854



LifeSource, Upper Midwest Organ Procurement Organization, Inc.

University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinic External Web Site Policy (Houston County)

Or call 608-261-6854



Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency

Mid-South Transplant Foundation, Inc. (Northern Mississippi)



Mid-America Transplant Services (Eastern Missouri)

Midwest Transplant Network (Western Missouri)



LifeCenter Northwest



Nebraska Organ Recovery System

Iowa Donor Network (Dakota County)



Nevada Donor Network, Inc.

Intermountain Donor Services (Elko County)

Donor Network West (Northern Nevada)

Sierra Donor Services


New Hampshire

New England Organ Bank


New Jersey

New Jersey Organ & Tissue Sharing Network (Northern and Central New Jersey)

Gift of Life Donor Program (Southern New Jersey)


New Mexico

New Mexico Donor Services


New York

Center for Donation and Transplant (Eastern New York)

Center for Organ Recovery & Education External Web Site Policy (Chemung County)

LiveOnNY (Southeastern New York)

Upstate New York Transplant Services, Inc. (Western New York)

Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network (Central New York)


North Carolina

Carolina Donor Services (Eastern, Central North Carolina)

LifeShare Of The Carolinas (Southwestern and Western North Carolina)

LifeNet Health (Currituck County)


North Dakota

LifeSource Upper Midwest OPO, Inc.



LifeBanc (Northeastern Ohio)

Life Connection of Ohio (Northwestern, West Central Ohio)

Lifeline of Ohio Organ Procurement Agency (Central, Southeastern Ohio)

LifeCenter Organ Donor Network (Southwestern Ohio)

Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates (Lawrence County)



LifeShare Transplant Donor Services of Oklahoma



Pacific Northwest Transplant Bank



The Center for Organ Recovery & Education (Western Pennsylvania)

Gift of Life Donor Program (Eastern Pennsylvania)

LiveOnNY (Pike County)


Puerto Rico

LifeLink of Puerto Rico


Rhode Island

New England Organ Bank


South Carolina

We Are Sharing Hope SC

LifeLink of Georgia (Aiken, Edgefield Counties)

LifeShare Of The Carolinas (York County)


South Dakota

LifeSource, Upper Midwest Organ Procurement Organization, Inc.



Mid-South Transplant Foundation, Inc. (Western Tennessee)

Tennessee Donor Services (Central, Eastern Tennessee)



LifeGift Organ Donation Center (Northern and Southeastern Texas)

Texas Organ Sharing Alliance (Southern Texas)

Southwest Transplant Alliance (Northeastern, Southeastern and West Texas)



Intermountain Donor Services



Center for Donation and Transplant (Addison, Bennington, Crittenden, Franklin, Grand Isle, Lamoille, Rultand Counties)

New England Organ Bank


Virgin Islands

LifeLink of Puerto Rico




Washington Regional Transplant Community (Metropolitan, D.C. and Northern Virginia)

Carolina Donor Services (Pittsylvania, Danville City Counties)

Tennessee Donor Services (Bristol City, Buchanan, Dickenson, Lee, Norton City, Russell, Scott, Syth, Tazewell, Washington and Wise Counties)



LifeCenter Northwest

Pacific Northwest Transplant Bank (Clark, Cowlitz, Skamania, Walla Walla Counties)


West Virginia

Center for Organ Recovery & Education

Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates (Cabell, Wayne Counties)

Lifeline of Ohio Organ Procurement Agency (Brooke, Hancock, Marshall, Ohio, Wood Counties)

LifeNet Health (Berkeley, Morgan, Jefferson Counties)



Wisconsin Donor Network – Blood Center of Wisconsin (Southeastern Wisconsin)

Online form preferred (2nd link)

Or call 608-261-6854

University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinic

Online form preferred (2nd link) (Same as above paragraph)

Or call 608-261-6854 (Same as above paragraph)

LifeSource Upper Midwest Organ Procurement Organization, Inc. (Douglas, Pierce and St. Croix Counties)



Intermountain Donor Services (Lincoln, Sweetwater, Uinita Counties)

Donor Alliance, Inc.