What Your Church Can Do to Ensure No Woman Stands Alone

Heather   |   February 06, 2023

The fight for LIFE has intensified. Now that Roe v. Wade is overturned, pro-life advocates and community leaders must increase their support for pregnant and parenting mothers and fathers.

Our 2023 Sanctity of Life radio special, No Woman Stands Alone, highlighted the need for churches to become more involved in a post-Roe world. Brad Mattes and our guests – Alveda King, Amy Ford, Heather Lawless, Jill Stanek and Brad Bramlet – discussed why faith leaders and pro-life advocates should be more active in the fight for life.

Many pastors and churches avoid discussing abortion. Some believe the topic is too political, and others are afraid of angering or isolating people in their congregation. But as our guests eloquently stated, abortion is not a political issue. It’s an issue of ministry to his or her congregation. It is the church’s duty to speak the truth about abortion and to offer forgiveness to repentant hearts and support women and children in need.

Our guests are actively involved in the pro-life pregnancy center movement. Many of them observed how women often feel abandoned or unloved by the church. Women facing unplanned pregnancies believe they have nowhere – or no one – to turn to for help. Women who have experienced abortion believe they can’t be healed or redeemed; they believe they can’t overcome the sin of abortion.

Our message in the Sanctity of Life special to all pastors who are afraid of isolating women: your silence on abortion causes isolation. It unintentionally leads to more death and more suffering.

If you send a message of hope and love to expectant mothers, they won’t feel alone. Be present during times of fear. Let them know that you will walk with them during their pregnancies and beyond. Show compassion for women and men who have experienced abortion. Let them know that redemption is possible. Welcome them with open arms. Walk with them on their journey to healing and forgiveness.

Our special website landing page provides many resources for churches to get involved. Organizations like Embrace Grace, Reliance Ministries and Her PLAN are designed to help churches and communities love and support babies, mothers and fathers. By forming partnerships with pregnancy centers and pro-life organizations, churches can connect with mothers and provide the resources they need.

To learn how you – and your church – can ensure that no woman stands alone in a post-Roe world, listen to the special at

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