Update on the Girl Scouts

Bradley Mattes   |   March 15, 2019

The Girl Scout cookie season is in full swing, and as a result, we often get questions about this organization and their ties to the promotion of abortion and Planned Parenthood.

Documentation, going back several years, links this group to the advocacy of abortion.

That support does not seem to be diminishing. We have new evidence that the Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) continues to link arms with those promoting agendas that include the encouragement of abortion on demand.

Recent evidence of a GSUSA partnership with pro-abortion activism is in a November 2018 Tucson Life article featuring Meghna Gopalan’s quest for the Gold Award, the Girl Scouts’ highest honor. Meagan is a member of Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona and the project earning this prestige is her volunteer work on behalf of “reproductive heath justice.” That’s a code phrase for advocating unrestrained abortion on demand throughout pregnancy.

Her efforts also include educating others to “destigmatize access to women’s healthcare.” The reality is, women’s healthcare is not stigmatized. Abortion is, and abortion isn’t healthcare. Meagan has been assisted in her efforts by the El Rio Reproductive Health Access Project.”

The Girl Scouts of Central California Coast’s Instagram account included a December 26, 2018 post lauding US Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O’Connor for “Honoring her duty to ‘help people at all times,’ she was a key swing vote in many important cases, including the upholding of Roe v. Wade.”

This subtle evidence of a pro-abortion philosophy is present among many troops, councils and GSUSA, the national organization.

During 2018, the Girl Scouts has sponsored the Teen Vogue Summit with topics that included “reproductive justice.” Past speakers have included Hillary Clinton and Cecile Richards, past president of Planned Parenthood.

A Girl Scouts June 1, 2018 tweet thanked “@TeenVogue for an amazing day.” An accompanying video showed a poster that read, “my body, my choice, my rights.”

A November 30, 2018 Girl Scouts tweet thanked @TeenVogue “for extending the sponsorship opportunity!”

​ Any Girl Scout is automatically a member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGS). GSUSA is a member of, and financially supports WAGGS, which has a well-documented history of advocating for legal abortion around the world. Currently, WAGGS offers an Advocacy Tool Kit that encourages girls to make changes in society. Page 17 provides of a list of United Nation documents that WAGGS calls “The most recognized human rights documents and policies, particularly relevant for promotion and protection of girls’ rights.” These documents promote abortion on demand.

What About the Cookies?

When you purchase Girl Scout cookies, you may think that the proceeds stay local, but only 10-20% is given to the local troop selling them. The regional council gets approximately 65-75%.

GSUSA gets a royalty fee for each box of cookies, which based upon their most recent IRS 990 form was over nine-million dollars.

GSUSA won’t allow you to give money directly to the local troop instead of buying cookies. If you do, the money will be directed toward purchasing cookies that will be given to a food kitchen or shipped to our military troops. Regardless, the same royalty fee is applied. The only difference is you won’t be consuming the cookies.

When you purchase Girl Scout cookies from your local troop, a very small percentage actually goes to the girls and you add to the millions of dollars that helps fund GSUSA. Regardless whether or not your local troop or council is involved with the advocacy of abortion, part of your money will support abortion on the national and global levels.

Safeguarding the babies,

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12 thoughts on “Update on the Girl Scouts

  1. I’m done with GS cookies, & because I’ve known what goes on behind the scenes for a number of years, haven’t purchased them in many years. We have to make sure that this is known to as many as possible, so that support for abortion through the GSUSA is greatly diminished.

  2. I had no idea but actually I’m not surprised. Nothing surprises me anymore in this day and age. Done with GS.

  3. I’m so disappointed in this news! I will have to forego the cookie sales from now on. How sad that morality and life issues are no longer a part of the Girl Scouts of America!

  4. Oh how this breaks my heart. I’ve heard this was being done but it’s the first documentation I’ve read. I hate to stop buying Girl Scout cookies and supporting local scouts but now I have to. I am very pro life and served as executive director at a Pregnancy Center in a very liberal college town. I went from brownie scouts in 2nd grade through senior scouts. My troupe of scouts graduated high school in 1970 have remained friends and even had a reunion in 1989. We are trying to plan another one for next year. My daughter in law is a troupe leader for my granddaughter’s troup. I would love for girls to take a stand and tell scouts to stop supporting killing babies.

  5. I made a post about this weeks ago and was slammed and called ugly names. They were saying that sales were 100% for the local chapters. I tried to tell them that was not the case. One woman was extremely ugly to me.

  6. You are wondering why you are losing girls to this organization? It is because you are very liberal minded and support abortion on demand. Abortion is wrong and the Bible says so. This organization will be judged by God Almighty for teaching young innocent girls that it is their body and they can do anything with their bodies. WE are suppose to educate young lives with the TRUTH NOT LIES. SHAME ON THIS ORGANIZATION.You need to turn your eyes to God and look for the truth.

  7. I am so glad that I quit my Girl Scout troop two years ago. I had no clue they were doing this. If Girl Scouts doesn’t change, my kids will never be a part of it.

  8. Don’t slam me, I’m just sharing my experience. I’ve been a Girl Scout since elementary school, and actively prolife since college. What connections exist are tenous and not national policy.

    Does anyone remember when the war tax was added to phone bills? How many Catholics prayed for peace? Of that large number, how many refused to pay the tax? And of that small number, how many tried to organize others to object? Yet to call everyone who did pay a warmonger would be false and hateful.

    It is true that most of the proceeds from cookie sales do not go to individual Girl Scouts or their troops. The money goes to the local GS council to support camps, resource materials, special events, leader training, and similar expenses that no one troop could afford. This fact is made clear to the adults in each troop, who in turn explain it to the girls.

    I’m not going to go through the other questions raised, except to say there are many rumors and misunderstandings. I am assuming sincerity on everyone’s part.

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