The Truth About IVF

Bradley Mattes   |   February 29, 2024

The Alabama Supreme Court’s decisive 7-2 ruling on in vitro fertilization (IVF) was like throwing raw meat to ravenous political pundits.  They ignore the truth about IVF.

Many of them gave readers the impression that IVF was banned, and birth control would soon follow. None of that is true.

Alabama Supreme Court

The Alabama Supreme Court didn’t ban IVF, it simply protected the human embryos at the center of this assisted reproductive technology. IVF can be accomplished while respecting innocent human life. 

Alabama clinics need only look to their neighbors in Louisiana for advice. It has protected human embryos during IVF treatment for decades and has more successful IVF births than Alabama. I predict that Alabama’s IVF clinics will soon sort this out and be back in business. There’s too much money at stake.

Multiple abortion-supporting pundits did their best to spin their worst with media contributions that dripped with sarcasm and ignored basic science.

 The TV show The View, not known for its fair exchange on hot social issues and adhering to the facts, exposed the numbskull approach of its cohost Sara Haines to medical science. She spoke down to fellow cohost Sunny Hostin with these comments regarding human embryos used in IVF. “It is not alive outside of a uterus.” When Sunny disagreed, revealing she used IVF to expand her family, Haines responded, “That doesn’t mean facts change.”

What facts?!

A high school biology student would know that these human embryos are alive. Just because Haines feels they should be treated as disposable tissue doesn’t mean she’s allowed to alter embryology 101.   

Hannah Sterge, born through IVF

Earlier, I had the opportunity to interview Hannah Strege and her parents Marlene and John for our television program. Hannah was the first baby conceived through IVF in America.

Susan Estrich is a long-time far left political operative, perhaps best known as the manager of Michael Dukakis’ doomed presidential campaign in 1988. 

In her op ed, Estrich castigated pro-lifers for defending the most defenseless and tiniest members of the human family. She further accused us of inflicting physical and emotional trauma on couples undergoing IVF, stressing how long and arduous the journey is for them.

Then Estrich demonstrated a cruelty beyond what any pro-lifer could pen. It began with the title, Embryos Are Not Children. Let’s back up a moment to the reason why the Alabama Court ruled. Three couples were suing the fertility center because their embryos — their children — were inadvertently killed in a mishap at the center.

Imagine the emotional trauma inflicted upon the parents by the deaths of these tiny family members. Added to that were the tumultuous ups and downs of a seemingly endless lawsuit. Then, at long last, the lives of their children were acknowledged by the state’s highest Court.

Would Estrich have the gall to tell these couples to their faces that their children were not children at all?

Just who is inflicting the pain?

Life Issues Institute stands with these parents in defending the existence of their children and their ability to seek justice for their deaths.

While Estrich and her ilk deny the basics of science and reject existing laws protecting the tiniest members of our human race. 

Defending all life, 

Bradley Mattes,

President, Life Issues Institute

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