Normalizing Euthanasia, the Façade is Gone.

Bradley Mattes   |   April 05, 2024

Enemies of life are now openly attempting to normalize euthanasia, painting it as the responsible thing to do if you are old or sick.

Former British MP Matthew Parris authored an article titled, “We Can’t Afford a Taboo on Assisted Dying.” In this article he makes his case for the rapid normalization and expansion of euthanasia. Parris says, “within a decade or more [assisted suicide] will be seen as a normal road for many to take, and be considered socially responsible –– and even, finally, urged upon people.”

Parris presents suicide as the right thing to do for those that he deems to be undesirable enough to be put down.

This advocacy for killing goes beyond the typical appeal to “compassion” and throws off the disguise entirely. In many ways he makes the case that euthanasia is like a mathematical equation. If you are elderly, sick, or disabled you are a burden on yourself and those around you, your cost is greater than your value and thus you should be put down. He says, “how are our economies going to pay for the ruinously expensive overhang that dare not speak its name: old age and infirmity?”

How will the economy pay for the expense? The precious value of human life cannot be quantified into a dollar amount. There is no mathematical justification for convincing the vulnerable to kill themselves.

Many people believe that those who seek to be euthanized do so to escape pain and suffering. That is not true. In reality, most people who want to be euthanized do so because they fear a loss of dignity, loss of autonomy, or they can no longer do the activities they enjoy.

Parris even admits that telling these people to commit suicide may result in millions of people choosing to do so stating, “If assisted dying becomes common and widely accepted, hundreds of thousands — perhaps millions — will consider choosing this road when the time comes, and in some cases, even ask themselves whether it would be selfish not to.

This cruel and callous approach simply reinforces the fears of those who may be considering euthanasia while attempting to leverage it toward the desired goal: death. The intention here is clear. The façade is gone. Euthanasia is not about compassion; it is about the cruel and heartless killing of anyone that is viewed as undesirable or a drain on societies resources.

Every human, regardless of age or level of ability, is valuable and should be protected. Death should not be hastened out of perceived economic cost. Life should be defended and protected at every stage.

Defending all life,

Brad Mattes,

President, Life Issues Institute

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