The Promise of Adult Stem Cells

Bradley Mattes   |   March 28, 2018

Remember when President George W. Bush limited federal tax funding of embryonic stem cells to existing lines of cells? The left-leaning media and others accused pro-lifers and the president of “putting ideology ahead of science.”

The often-repeated sentiment usually went something like this: Those callous and uncaring anti-abortion radicals want to sentence ill children to death by withholding promising cures and treatments.

As they say, the jury is in. And it shows just who was putting ideology over science.

Just to recap, embryonic stem cells are only accessible by killing days-old human embryos. Obtaining adult stem cells, however, requires no violation of any moral or ethical code.

Scores of treatments and cures have been developed using adult stem cells. In most cases, doctors are able to isolate the patient’s own stem cells and reinfuse them into the body to treat disease or injury. As a result, there is no danger of their body rejecting foreign tissue like embryonic stem cells. Further, it also eliminates the concern of embryonic stem cells going AWOL and developing into tumors.

Here are five astonishing, real-life examples – just the tip of the iceberg – of treatments and cures using adult stem cells. I’ve also included links to brief videos featuring amazing stories of how adult stem cells provided seemingly-miraculous treatments, and in some cases, life-saving cures.

Laura Dominguez-Tauer’s neck was broken in a car accident, and she was paralyzed from her point of injury down. Adult stem cells have enabled her to regain use of her arms, she has feeling throughout her body and does limited walking with assistance.

Laura’s gotten married and has given birth to a little boy named Joshua.


Chloe Levine’s parents knew something was wrong just months after her birth. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. After doctors reinfused her stem cells, Chloe’s brain began to heal. Within days she spoke and now walks, runs, plays and even rides a bike like any other child her age!


As a cancer survivor, I know the traumatic impact the c-word can have. Cindy Schroeder was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a blood cancer. With traditional treatment, survival is only three to four years. But Cindy was treated with her own adult stem cells. She was diagnosed in March 2015. Cell therapy was provided five months later in August. By January 2016, her recovery was complete, and she is now back to leading an active life.

Picture it. You are only thirty-two years old and diagnosed with macular degeneration. That was the challenge facing Doug Oliver. Doctors offered no cure and no hope. He became seriously depressed after losing his driver’s license and found himself standing on a bridge, about to jump to his death. But something made him take a step back and search for answers. Doug joined a clinical trial and his own adult stem cells were injected into the diseased areas of his eyes. He went from a 40 percent loss of eyesight to normal. Within months he was driving again.

Jacki Stollfus’ life goal was simple. More than anything she wanted to be a mom. However, systemic lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease, put that in grave jeopardy. After a miscarriage, she underwent chemotherapy to kill off the bad cells, then was given adult stem cell treatment. Today she and her husband Brian have two sweet daughters. Jackie’s life goal has been realized!

Unless you’ve experienced one of these miracles it’s impossible to imagine fully the impact adult stem cell treatment has had on the lives of these individuals and their families. It may be equally difficult to wrap your mind around just how many conditions that adult stem cells have already successfully treated or cured.

In some ways, it seems like yesterday that we witnessed celebrities and politicians claiming embryonic stem cells were the future of medicine and would unlock the door to curing countless ailments plaguing mankind. They also mocked those who opposed embryonic stem cell experimentation and defended human life at its most vulnerable stage. We’re not waiting for an apology, but it would be marvelous to have them join us in sharing the good news about adult stem cells.

Life Issues Institute’s mission is to educate you on the life issues and equip you to educate others. Please share this amazing information.

Protecting life at its earliest stages,

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2 thoughts on “The Promise of Adult Stem Cells

  1. Surgenex procures stem cells for regenerative therapy. It is located in Scottsdale, Az. They claim to use umbilical cord and amniotic membrane tissue from “planned C-Sections.” The mother undergoes extensive serological testing. I am researching this procedure for myself but want to be sure that the cells from the cord and amniotic membrane are ADULT cells and not products of abortion. Do you have any information about this or can you refer me to a resource to research further?

    1. Hi Kathryn,

      When stem cells are procured in this way they are considered “adult stem cells” because the child was born and is alive. There is also a great website which has a lot of great information. Please go check it out. If you have a question you may contact them and you will receive an answer from an expert in that particular field. Good luck and thank you for allowing us to help you!

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