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Supreme Court Addresses Texas’ Heartbeat Act

Andrew   |   September 01, 2021

September 2, 2021
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Mattes: Texas is now saving the lives of its most vulnerable citizens – unborn babies.

Life Issues Institute lauds the US Supreme Court for its action on the Texas Heartbeat Act which has allowed it to take effect.

In response to this announcement, Life Issues Institute released the following statement:

“The Texas Heartbeat bill is now saving lives of its most vulnerable citizens in the state – unborn babies,” said Bradley Mattes, president of Life Issues Institute. “Even though their reprieve is not permanent, we are grateful the US Supreme Court action will bear the precious fruit of saving the lives of thousands of children.”

This legislation prohibits abortion when the baby’s heartbeat can be detected by medical professionals. It has been reported that it will protect 90% of the abortion industry’s intended victims in Texas.

If this ruling holds, America will have taken a huge step toward protecting all of its citizens – born and unborn. It would also be an ominous sign to the abortion industry and its allies that this long, dark period of abortion on demand in US history is finally ending. At least for the moment, thousands of Texas babies will enjoy a reprieve from their sentence of death.

 Life Issues Institute is dedicated to changing hearts and minds of millions of people through pro-life education. Organizations and individuals around the world depend upon Life Issues Institute to provide the latest information and effective tools to protect innocent human life from fertilization to natural death.




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