Supporting Life Before and After Birth

Bradley Mattes   |   May 23, 2024

It’s a source of continued frustration for pro-lifers. The Left repeatedly disparages us for not caring about women. They claim we are only supportive of the “fetus,” and once the baby’s born we’re gone. Of course, we are supporting life before and after birth, but if their wild accusations go unanswered people will believe them. Here’s another way you can defend your honor.  

It’s the MOMS Act. Pro-life Republican Senators have introduced legislation aimed at helping mothers and families during and after their pregnancies. Life Issues Institute is honored to endorse it.  

The More Opportunities for Moms to Succeed Act is legislation every member of Congress should support. It provides pregnancy and post-partum care to women who desperately need it. It’s pro-life, pro-woman and pro-family. 

Research shows that over 2 million women of childbearing age, mostly in the South and Midwest, live in “maternity care deserts.” This means they have no access to obstetric hospitals or birth centers, obstetricians, gynecologists, certified midwives, or nurse midwives. This is a terrifying situation for mothers in labor.  

If passed into law this legislation would provide beneficial resources to underserved mothers in the following ways:  

  • Establish an online clearinghouse of resources for pregnant and post-partum women, including those with small children.  
  • Widen access to adoption agencies, pregnancy resource centers, and other resources for pregnant and post-partum women. 
  • Establish a grant program for non-profit entities to support, encourage, and assist women in carrying their pregnancies to term; and to care for their babies after birth.  
  • Provide funding for the necessary tools to accommodate telehealth care both during and after pregnancy in rural areas and other regions considered maternity care deserts.  
  • Require states to apply child support obligations during pregnancy if requested by the mother.  

America is struggling with an alarmingly low fertility rate not seen in 45 years. This legislation will help struggling young families welcome their newest members into life and reject abortion. 

Life Issues Institute welcomes and supports efforts by congress to provide meaningful assistance to mothers and children in need. 

Defending families, 

Brad Mattes, President, Life Issues Institute

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