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Research: Planned Parenthood Targets Minorities

Editor   |   August 04, 2015

CINCINNATI, OH (Aug. 4, 2015) – Recent revelations that Planned Parenthood profits from the sale of organs and tissues of the babies it aborts, as well as the nation’s focus on the #BlackLivesMatter campaign, are bringing new attention to research by Protecting Black Life that Planned Parenthood intentionally targets minority neighborhoods.

Protecting Black Life is an initiative of Life Issues Institute, a pro-life educational organization founded by Bradley Mattes and the late John C. Willke, MD. The data-driven research found that 79 percent of Planned Parenthood surgical abortion facilities are located within walking distance (two miles) of Black or Hispanic neighborhoods. These results leave little room for doubt that Planned Parenthood is targeting minorities for abortion by locating their facilities within close proximity of these vulnerable populations.

View a summary report of the research.

View an interactive map of the research.

The research was conducted by Susan Enouen, PE, who holds bachelor’s and masters’s degrees in mechanical engineering from the Ohio State University. Her professional experience includes data analysis and research for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Dupont and Battelle Memorial Institute. She is available for interviews or further information.


About the Research
The study used 2010 Census data to determine the Black and Hispanic population percentages of each census tract within two miles of the 165 Planned Parenthood surgical abortion facilities operating in 2010. If either the Black or Hispanic census tract racial percentages were at least 1.5 times the racial percentages of the county where they were located, or more than 50 percent Black or Hispanic no matter what the county percentage, that census tract was considered a “targeted neighborhood” because of its relatively high minority population. In total, 131 of the 165 Planned Parenthood surgical abortion facilities, or 79 percent, were within walking distance of such targeted minority communities.

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