Rejected on a Technicality

Bradley Mattes   |   June 13, 2024

The much-anticipated ruling on chemical abortion pills by the US Supreme Court was an enormous disappointment, but we can still be encouraged.

Today the Court issued its decision in FDA v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine. The Court ruled not on the merits of the challenge, but rejected the case on a technicality, determining that the doctors lacked the necessary standing to bring the challenge.

Those who brought the lawsuit had good reason to believe they had standing. The FDA’s ruling to approve these dangerous drugs was sloppy and political. Further, the FDA obstructed every effort to obtain information on chemical abortion pills.

Justice Thomas

Justice Thomas writing in his concurring opinion outlined the technical issue with this case and the involved parties claimed standing. Thomas did however plant a seed of hope for a potential future case saying, “The party who needs the remedy—the injured member—is not before the court.”

Chemical abortion pills send an estimated one in 25 women to hospital emergency rooms according to the FDA. They have even killed women, so we remain confident that when ruled on the merits, life will prevail.

The need to press on is evident in the fact that chemical abortion pills remain a tremendous danger to mothers, and they kill their children. A black-market system of distribution now provides the dangerous drugs to anyone with a mailing address – including sexual predators who want to harm women.

For decades feminists warned and railed against illegal abortion. Now, many are actively providing or aiding in the dissemination of these illegal dangerous drugs.

Our concern of course rests with the countless innocent unborn children this drug will continue to kill, but we’re also gravely concerned about the harm they will inflict on women.

While not the intention of the Court, its ruling gives the abortion industry a green light to continue maiming and killing human life through chemical abortion. Rest assured that this is not the end of challenging these dangerous drugs.

Life Issues Institute will continue to share lifesaving pro-life education on the dangers of chemical abortion and expose those who are harming women and their children.

We remain steadfast in our belief that the FDA’s sloppy and political approval of the dangerous abortion pill will eventually meet its demise.

Defending life,

Brad Mattes,

President, Life Issues Institute

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