Pro-Abortion Activists at Their Worst

Bradley Mattes   |   March 07, 2024

Pro-abortion activists are showing their true colors.

In Illinois a shocking bill has been proposed that would charge parents with abuse if they deny their daughter an abortion. The bill would also create a $500 tax credit for abortion businesses or individuals who move to the state because of their existing pro-abortion laws.

Punishing parents for wanting to protect their minor daughter from the evils of abortion is not a “pro- choice” position, it is ravenously pro-abortion. Illinois governor J.B. Pritzker is among the nation’s most radical pro-abortion supporters and has pledged to turn the state into an “oasis” for abortion. He has also spent millions of dollars attempting to repeal existing pro-life legislation in other states.

If given the opportunity, it is clear that this is the future pro-abortion advocates want. Forcing parents to allow their children to be subjected to the evils of abortion. But that is not enough for the radical pro-abortionists.

Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest in California is now in the hot seat. The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) released documentation acquired through a public records request that shows Planned Parenthood was allegedly providing the body parts of aborted babies to the University of California San Diego. Planned Parenthood provided the bodies in exchange for ownership of the Universities patents created through experimenting on the bodies.

Planned Parenthood has sworn before Congress that they do not sell the body parts of aborted babies. It looks like this was, once again, a lie.

In the document Planned Parenthood describes the bodies as “proprietary material” stating, “This research material covered by this Agreement includes: fetal and placental tissue, which are proprietary materials of PPSD.” The agreement was made effective as of May 9th, 2009 and was updated in 2014.

Planned Parenthood has been the subject of numerous undercover videos exposing what is alleged to be their selling of aborted children for profit. Despite such overwhelming evidence, pro-abortion activists continue to defend the actions of Planned Parenthood.

Not only has Planned Parenthood been accused of selling the body parts of aborted babies, they also have been caught covering up sex trafficking. Undercover video has shown Planned Parenthood coaching a man and woman, undercover actors, on how to obtain abortions for the women they’ve victimized.

The abortion industry profits billions of dollars from the suffering and death that they inflict. When your primary objective is to make money, selling body parts or covering up sex trafficking is just another paycheck.

Pro-abortion activists at their worst will continue to support this industry, knowing full well the horrors it continues to inflict on the innocent.

In defense of life,

Brad Mattes,

President, Life Issues Institute.

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