Bold New Programming to Reach Millions

Editor   |   February 06, 2023

Life Issues Institute is excited to announce a major new pro-life educational project for a post-Roe America.

The need for pro-life education has never been greater. Abortion extremists win only if they can keep Americans in the dark regarding the reality of abortion – what it does to babies and the devastation it often inflicts upon mothers and fathers.

Immediately after the reversal of Roe v Wade, pro-abortion activists began to spread intentional lies to frighten women. This included deliberate false claims that women would be unable to receive appropriate medical care when experiencing a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy in states that prohibit abortion.

In order to combat these and many other lies, Life Issues Institute is launching a weekly half-hour radio program and podcast that will impact millions more than our existing projects. Both programs will have the same title, Life Issues Straight Talk, and be hosted by Brad Mattes, president of Life Issues Institute.

His decades of radio and TV experience, combined with 47 years of pro-life advocacy, equip him to provide compelling content – both as situations unfold and in the form of basic educational information. Together this will provide a foundation for Americans to develop a robust pro-life belief system and make pro-life converts of family, friends, coworkers, and fellow church members.

The new weekend radio program will air on mostly Christian stations throughout America and beyond. Research shows that 40% of women who have an abortion are active in church attendance. In spite of the many means of communication today, radio reaches 92% of the population. Life Issues Straight Talk will utilize satellite and FTP (web-based) technology that allows us to inform listeners as developments unfold.

The expanded weekend programming will enable us to reach a different audience than the daily radio commentaries – Life Issues – which airs on 1,347 radio outlets, broadcasting fresh commentary Monday through Friday. Every week, Life Issues educates over 18 million actual listeners.

Listeners of Life Issues Straight Talk will hear more in-depth commentary and conversations from the host and his guests, including experts in the field of the life issues and leaders of the pro-life movement.

The podcast will impact a different audience: Americans who may not be with us on abortion. But if presented with the right messaging, they can be persuaded to hold pro-life views. We will utilize social media platforms to reach this group of strategically targeted individuals. In addition to the podcast, video interviews with Brad’s guests will be edited to capture the most compelling content and shared with persuadable individuals online.

Together this new programming will reach new audiences consisting of millions of listeners and viewers.

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