Black Americans Know Abortion’s Racist Roots

Bradley Mattes   |   June 27, 2024

A trusted polling firm has delivered a reality check regarding abortion with significant repercussions.  

Pew Research Center found that 51% of Black Americans believe the government is using abortion and birth control to limit the growth of their population. 

Pew also acknowledged the long-held view by many Black Americans that Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood have engaged in a prolonged legacy of eugenics against their race.   

Planned Parenthood has admitted that this is true. 19 affiliates, representing 33 states, admitted to harboring racism in their day-to-day operations that included, “implicit bias and structural racism within our organization.” Planned Parenthood explicitly acknowledged what they called, “our past and our present participation in white supremacy.” 

Life Issues Institute released seminal research showing that 79% of Planned Parenthood abortion facilities were located within walking distance of Black and Hispanic populations. 

Further research showed that:  

  • America’s top 25 counties with the highest number of abortions account for 30% of all abortions done  
  • These counties are home to 28% of the Black population in America  
  • Of the Planned Parenthood facilities in these top 25 counties, a stunning 86% are in or near minority neighborhoods 
  • Planned Parenthood increased the number of its abortion facilities in these counties by 35% 
  • 88% of Planned Parenthood’s mega abortion centers (over 10,000 square feet) are within walking distance of minority neighborhoods 
Catherine Davis

Catherine Davis with the Restoration Project said, “Of course the black community is distrustful of the government. The government sent 100,000 social workers into the black community to deal with the “too prouds” (black men who took responsibility for their families and refused welfare) successfully breaking up the family. The government in just the past three years gave Planned Parenthood more than $1.8 billion as they target black women and their babies for abortions.” 

Secondly, Pew Research Center revealed 62% of Black adults believe the policies of the government encourage single motherhood among Black women, thus eliminating the need for Black men in the household.  

This belief reflected majorities of Black adults of both political parties, Republicans or lean Republican (62%) and Democrats or lean Democrat (54%). Further, the research showed that a significant percentage of those who have a bachelor’s degree (49%) or higher income (47%), traditionally seen as liberal, shared this concern.  

These results conflict with the traditional view of the Left, which Pew Research Center appears to share. This bias was revealed in the original wording of their report, as if to discredit the opinions of those polled, calling them “racial conspiracy theories.”  

The pushback must have been considerable because in short order Pew revised the published report to read “Black American’s mistrust of US Government policies on family and reproductive health.” 

The results of this report are significant and edifying for two reasons. One, the credible message that Black Americans are being targeted with abortion for eugenic purposes is resonating with the population. And two, the built-in biases of researchers – whether exposed or not – do exist.   

Defending life,

Brad Mattes,

President, Life Issues Institute

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