Alveda King: Pro-Life Champion

Bradley Mattes   |   August 29, 2018

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech changed history. Tuesday marked the 55th anniversary of that momentous event.

King’s niece, Dr. Alveda King, continues to carry her uncle’s passion for civil rights. She is the director of Civil Rights for the Unborn Child, a part of Priests for Life.

I’ll never forget the first time I met Alveda.

Dr. Alveda King

The crew and I traveled to Atlanta to interview her for our weekly television program, “Facing Life Head-On.” At the time, she was somewhat of a new face to the pro-life movement but was quickly making her impact known. I had done my research on Alveda and frankly was a little wary.

Not only was her famous uncle assassinated, her family home was bombed with them in it, as was MLK Jr’s. Her father, “A.D.” King, was found dead in their backyard pool, even though there was no water in his lungs. Alveda’s grandmother, Alberta King, wife of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Sr., was gunned down while playing the organ at Ebenezer Baptist Church, just yards from where her son was buried.

With this tragic family history, I thought even the most-saintly person would be burdened with anger and resentment. But the total opposite is true. Alveda is one of the most loving and nurturing people I know.

We left that interview convinced she would play an important role in the pro-life movement. In total, Alveda was featured in five TV episodes during our eight-season run.

Alveda has an up close and personal history with abortion. Her parents were unmarried when she was conceived and considered abortion, but her grandfather interceded, saying the unborn baby was a girl who he had seen in a dream three years prior.

Even with her uncertain beginning, Alveda was coerced into having two abortions, and she said, suffered a subsequent miscarriage because of them. When she was expecting her fourth child, her grandfather once again interceded, this time for his great-grandchild.

Part of what drives Alveda is the fact that the abortion industry targets Black women. She has been one of several leading Black pro-life leaders advocating for life, including drawing attention to Planned Parenthood’s eugenic past and present. Individually and collectively, they have been an articulate voice on behalf of all America’s unborn babies.

Alveda believes her famous uncle would be adamantly pro-life if he were alive today. She often sites a line from one of his speeches, “The Negro cannot win if he is willing to sacrifice the futures of his children for immediate personal comfort and safety. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

As we ponder the 55th anniversary of “I Have a Dream,” we’re once again reminded how one person can greatly impact the world for good. Regardless whether lots of people acknowledge your accomplishments, go be that person.

Protecting life together,

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39 thoughts on “Alveda King: Pro-Life Champion

  1. God Bless And Protect You . Thank You For All Of Your Work . Dr. King Would Be So Proud Of You . You Are Truly A God Sent To Carry On With His Dream . To Have A United America Not A Divided America.

  2. I to want to make a difference in my community
    here in Vero Beach, Fl by helping the victims of
    all the evil priests who raped & abused women &
    children. They have to keep from sweeping it all under the rug. Let’s get more help for them & of course
    do what we can to stop Abortion!
    Thank you, Rosemary S. Askren Cather
    Eucharist Minister of St. Helen Catholic Church in
    Vero Beach, Fl. 32962

  3. What a multitude of injustice this family has suffered because of speaking the truth. We all should pray for them and thank God for them. I recently heard a quote that comes to mind as I read this article: “if you are receiving flak, you know you are over the target.” Satan will target his enemies.

  4. I had the honor of meeting Alveda in front of the Planned Parenthood in West Chester PA just blocks from West Chester University. She is an amazing and inspiring presence!

  5. I love Alveda King. Saw her many times on T.V.
    Her stand for life is heartwarming.
    We need strong Black Christian Women to speak the truth.
    My heart breaks to see many NAACP, women promote the democratic party principles .
    Why do they accept their immoral values yet claim to be Christians. I don’t believe they truly are. Our Babies are being sacrificed on the altar of self and without God. Have Mercy ,O Lord a
    and stop the Lies of Abortion.

  6. I knew she was a special lady, but I had no idea of all that she has been through. My Goodness! I am so thankful everytime I see her speak out, it’s wisdom and it’s something good for our nation. I am very thankful for her grandfather who saved her life!

  7. What an amazing story. I didn’t know this about their family. Thanks for sharing. Life matters especially to the unborn. God doesn’t look at life by color. If only we could all do the same.

  8. Alveda King is such a trooper for the Sanctity of Life.
    May black women listen to her and stop being seduced by planned parenthood to abort their babies.
    I pray Roe vs.Wade gets defunct and their lies become Real to the women who are coerced into killing their offspring.
    May God have Mercy, “May God arise and His enemies be scattered.”Psalm 68:1

  9. Praise God who gives Alberta her strength and courage!
    Praise God for all the post-abortive women who have suffered much, but now love God so much, because they know that they are forgiven in Christ and set free from their bondage.

  10. Thanks Bradley Mattes for you article about such a wonderful lady of God. Alveda King is a hero to me and until now I did not fully know about the tragedies she and her family suffered! With love and patience she diligently fights for our babies. This is an example how God can bring good out of the horror of what was done to her and her family. AND it all happens because she says YES to God to do His Work here in this tragic time. Thanks again, to you Bradley, and to you,Alveda!

  11. Hello,

    My name is Otto Slozer. I am the Board Chairman of a small publishing company. We produce a quarterly print publication and a Daily E-paper both called “The Lehigh Valley Commentator.” my reason for writing you is to seek permission to reprint the “Alveda King” article. Please advise if such permission can e granted.

    As always we site the author and source.

    Please advise?

    Otto Slozer
    LVC, Inc.

  12. Alveda, Thank you for your work as you stand up and fight for unborn children! I’m very sure that your remarkable family members who have gone on before you are proud of your strength and your service! God Bless You!

  13. Thank you for the information. I will be sharing it with my pro-choice daughter. Led the National Remembrance for Aborted Children vigil at Shrine of the Holy Innocents in Stockbridge, MA this morning.

  14. Praise God for this woman who loves Him!!!
    I am so happy to have this revealing information about Dr.King’s wonderful family…and this great strength of mind and conscience of this devoted servant of the Most High- –Alveda King !Thank you so much for sharing this!

  15. I saw Stephen” had commented, so here is another comment authored albeit by a different Stephen. She truly is a die-hard “witness” for an excellent cause, but by extension, for the Lord of Glory as well…. She is doing her part in raising the consciousness of the American public; now, so should we [continue to do so]. Let us think of the [further] ways in which can do just that….

  16. You are right on! My wife & I had the honor of meeting and visiting with Dr. King & her husband, many years ago, prior to a Pro-life Function with Fr, Frank Pavone, in San Bernadino, Calif. Diocese! Where she gets her warm and friendly energies, has to be from Our Blessed Mother! We are both approaching our 90’s, and are still devoting what time we have left on this Earth to the Pro-life cause! Dr. Alveda, Keep inspiring us! GOD BLESS!

  17. Thank you for the excellent article! I particularly liked the last line: Regardless whether lots of people acknowledge your accomplishments, go be that person. As Mother Teresa always said “do small things with great love” . Even one act of love can affect the world around us.

  18. I am moved by this mighty woman of God. The Black community has suffered enough indignity, but if we remember our God is in control, then all well. Obviously Dr. King is fearless and knows that
    the horrible founder of planned parenthood, Margaret Sanger was a truly sick woman who followed the path of the German Nazi’s who wanted to exterminate all minorities of any ethnic group. Be blessed, Dr King!

  19. I am so proud of Alveda and thank God for her and the family from whom she comes. God bless America and all the people who are true Patriots and do believe that it is in God We Trust. Her Uncle and all that family deceased with all of Heaven has to be praying for us all that his dream for America will come true to live together in peace and harmony and unity!

  20. Frank Amedia, founder of ‘, a intercessory organization to pray to bring our America back to God, introduced me to Dr Alveda; she is on the council of POTUSSHIELD.ORG
    Thank you for passing this additional information on to me. God bless America, and God bless all who have chosen to serve Him, and God bless everyone who stands up for the lives of the unborn.

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