A New Wave of Attacks

Victor Nieves   |   May 08, 2024

The unborn are facing a new international wave of  attacks from the pro-abortion lobby. They have poured millions of dollars into targeted campaigns to put radical pro-abortion constitutional amendments on the ballot, especially in conservative pro-life states. Unfortunately this strategy has had some success. For example, in Ohio extreme pro-abortion language was successfully added to their state constitution which will allow abortions until birth thanks to intentional loopholes.

Their strategy is simple. They pour millions of dollars into spreading misinformation and pay to have canvassers collect signatures thus manipulating the state’s initiative petition laws. This allows them to use out of state money to pay their way onto the ballot with whatever radical proposal they want in nearly any state that they want.

Such attacks on life are being waged in numerous states including Florida, Missouri, Arkansas, Nevada, Arizona, Maine, Montana and more. These attempts to enshrine abortion into state constitutions present a large-scale threat to the unborn. Unlike regular legislation, constitutional amendments are much harder to reverse.

These attacks to add abortion to constitutions are not limited to the United States. This appears to be a world-wide attack on life. An international push for abortion spearheaded by efforts at the United Nations is underway as well. The United Nations Human Rights Committee has asserted that abortion is a “Human right.” They also take the position that a human’s right to life begins not at the moment of conception, but instead at the moment that they are born. The UN’s position brings with it a global advocacy for laws that deny the most innocent among us their most fundamental right — the right to life.

Likewise, officials in the European Parliament have voted to codify abortion as a “fundamental right”. They placed it in their EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. Though non-binding, this resolution will exert pressure on pro-life countries in Europe like Malta and Poland.

France recently became the first country in the world to officially add abortion as a “right” within their constitution. The amendment is the first addition to France’s constitution since 2008 and passed with a vote of 780-72. The amendment was presented to the public as a compromise on the issue of abortion, even though abortion has been legal in France since 1975.

The French government lead by President Emmanuel Macron celebrated the injustice. The Eiffel Tower was illuminated in Paris and displayed the message “my body my choice” for all to see.  Pro-abortion advocates are hoping that France is the first domino to fall in Europe causing a chain reaction of more constitutional amendments in other countries.

Spain appears to be granting the pro-abortion lobby their wish. An effort to follow in the footsteps of France is already underway. Despite falling birthrates across Europe, the Sumar party in Spain announced that they intend to enshrine a so-called right to abortion in their constitution as well. Abortion was illegal in Spain, outside of cases of rape, fetal deformation, or the life of the mother until 2010. Since that time, the government’s position has shifted dramatically, allowing abortion on demand throughout the first 14-weeks of pregnancy. In 2022, Spain passed a law criminalizing pro-life speech outside of abortion facilities to silence  pro-life advocates.

A group called “My Voice, My Choice” in Europe has made public their plan to continue to push for abortion across the continent. The group contains activists from France and Spain as well as Poland, Finland, Ireland and Croatia.

The end of Roe v. Wade served as an international alarm bell to pro-abortion advocates. They are doing everything they can to create as many obstacles as possible in the path of the pro-life movement. If they act quickly and insert abortion into  constitutions then it will prove decisive in all court cases and be very hard for pro-life advocates to reverse. It is crucial that we stop these attempts to place abortion into constitutions.

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