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Taking “Pro-Choice” to “Forced Choice”

Bradley Mattes   |   April 01, 2007

Thirteen-year-old Valentina lives in Turin, Italy (called Torino by the locals). You probably remember this city, located in the northwest part of the country, as the host of the 2006 Olympic Winter Games. Now it’s known for something far less noble – forced abortion.

Valentina had sex with her fifteen-year-old boyfriend and became pregnant. Facing an unexpected pregnancy at such an early age is difficult at best, but Valentina believed the best decision would be to give her baby life and deliver the child. However, her parents had other plans. They didn’t want the daughter, in their words, “ruining her life.” She told Valentina, the “father [of the baby] will never have to know.”

So what was the parents’ solution? They and a judge forced her to have an abortion. Yes, you read that right; they forced her to abort her baby.

How, in this day and age, you ask, can they legally get away with forcing a mother to abort her own child? The second question on your mind may be, “How can the parents be so heartless and cold?!” Well, I have an answer to the first question.

The law in Italy gives parents the ultimate decision about the outcome of a child’s pregnancy. The parents or guardian can decide whether the child keeps her baby, places the baby for adoption or has an abortion. In this case, the parents tragically decided on the latter.

Cruel and inhumane as it seems, Judge Giuseppe Cocilovo of the Court of Minors, ruled Valentina must abort her unborn baby. Despite the girl’s desperate pleas to her parents, an Italian news agency, La Stampa, reported that the abortion was indeed forced upon the young mother.

The story doesn’t end there. Poor Valentina had an immediate and dramatic psychological reaction to the compulsory abortion. She cried, “You have made me kill, and now I kill myself!” She was then confined to the psychiatric unit of the Regina Margherita Children’s Hospital in Turin. To her objection, both her baby and her freedom had been taken from her.

Upset that she had been confined against her will, Valentina said, “I am not crazy. I am only evil like a dog for what my parents and the judges have obliged to make me.” Valentina isn’t the villian. She urgently needs compassionate, post-abortive counseling – something that is unlikely to happen considering the situation. This brave young girl needs the assurance that she is not evil. She, more than anyone else, tried to do the right thing about the pregnancy.

So what is the response to this travesty of justice by the so-called “pro-choice” abortion industry and its hard-core allies? Even they would find the situation deplorable and speak out, right? Wrong. At this writing, I’ve seen no media reports quoting any pro-abortion spokesperson. I’ve also checked both the websites of Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL). Neither had even a mention of Valentina’s forced abortion.

During my search on the Planned Parenthood website, I did notice they reported on a Milan, Italy march in support of abortion-on-demand. But it appears their commitment to women’s “reproductive freedom” is extremely limited. Pro-abortion activists, by their deafening silence, demonstrate they’re only concerned about one side of the “choice” equation. This is an outrage and the very definition of hypocrisy!

Before you assure yourself that forced abortion can’t happen in America, allow me inform you it already has. Several women have reported being forced to undergo abortions against their will by boyfriends, husbands or parents. Others have described changing their minds in the abortion chamber, only to be physically restrained while the abortionist carried out his deadly trade. Here are a couple of specific situations where, thankfully, the babies and their mothers were spared.

Nicholas and Lola Kampf, of Maine, were reportedly furious that their nineteen-year-old daughter, Katelyn, was pregnant. They forced her into their car at gunpoint, planning on driving her to New York for an abortion. Katelyn persuaded her parents to stop at a mall along the way and allow her to use the bathroom. She managed to get their cell phone and used it to call the police. The Kampfs were then arrested and could face thirty years in prison if convicted.

A sixteen-year-old Columbus, Georgia girl is in protective custody. Her mother, Rozelletta Blackshire, and two of the girl’s cousins, Shonda Blackshire and Monica Johnson, have been charged with attempting a forced, illegal abortion. They twice made the young girl drink turpentine mixed with sugar to forcibly abort the girl’s baby. Both the girl and her baby appear to be fine.

We don’t need a crystal ball to see where legalized abortion is taking us. Abortionists have physically killed babies that survive abortion, or cruelly left them to die in a soiled linen closet, desperately gasping for air. Now, some women are having abortion foisted upon them, regardless of their wishes. How far does the failed human experiment of abortion have to go before elected officials step up to the plate and protect women and their babies from these horrors? There’s no place in society for this “pro-choice if it’s my choice” attitude. Women deserve better.

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