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Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Bradley Mattes   |   June 01, 2010

During a recent phone conversation, Candice Keller, the Executive Director of Community Pregnancy Center, calmly relayed some shocking information. This pro-life center serves the needs of women in Middletown, Ohio, north of Cincinnati. Working on a shoestring budget with mostly volunteers, they provide alternatives to women facing unexpected pregnancies. Their services are free to the desperate clients they serve. Making ends meet in order to provide these critical services is a challenge second only to saving the babies and their mothers from abortion.

Within just a week’s time, the center had performed three ultrasounds, all on 14-year-old girls. Candice’s story gets even more alarming. The girls had been impregnated by older men.

One case was particularly disturbing. The father of the baby was 28 and the half-brother of the little girl. Not only did the man qualify as a sexual predator (statutory rape), it was an incestuous relationship, which Candice said is all too common. The pregnancy was already into its second trimester.

Another young girl’s situation was heartbreaking. The older man had literally abandoned the pregnant teen in an apartment. She hadn’t eaten in days by the time she finally made her way to the center. She too was in her second trimester. All three girls were abortion-minded when they came in for help.

Does what’s happening to these teens outrage you? Perhaps you’re asking how little girls can be so brutally victimized without the lecherous men being caught and sent to prison. Would it surprise you to know that these tragedies are happening at epidemic proportions throughout the United States?

Planned Parenthood (PP) is better positioned than any other organization in the country to function as a protective barrier between innocent girls and would-be sexual predators. According to their own website, they have over 840 facilities and interact with more than 1.2 million teens every year. But contrary to what many believe, PP is not only responsible for failing to protect these victims; they’ve aided and abetted the perpetuation of sexual assaults against them.

Federal law requires that PP report suspected acts of statutory rape. Thanks in part to the investigative work of Live Action, a youth-driven pro-life organization; we know PP flagrantly thumbs its nose at the law while countless victims come through their doors. Live Action’s undercover videos have caught many PP affiliates in the act of circumventing laws to protect children. Some videos show PP staff saying things like “I don’t want to know” or “I didn’t hear that” when the young woman pretending to be a 13-year-old shares the age of the man who impregnated her. The state of Alabama actually put a Birmingham PP abortion mill on probation. Contrary to state law, they failed to get parental consent in nine out of nine times when it performed abortions on minor girls.

What’s the incentive for such blatant, unlawful action? Pure and simple it’s money. Every young girl who doesn’t have an abortion at PP is a lost customer and missed revenue. PP’s annual budget, now topping one billion dollars, is a testimony to their aggressive marketing—at the expense of our laws and the well-being of our children. Plus their financial war chest is greatly enhanced by your tax dollars. Each year PP gets about 350 million dollars from you and me to further their abortion-on-demand agenda—even when sexual predators are asking for their services. As long as the culprits have cash or credit cards, what happens in Planned Parenthood stays in Planned Parenthood.

Perhaps you can see why Candice Keller and countless other heroes in women help centers greatly struggle to save even one baby and her mother from the abortion industry. But make no mistake; these volunteers and poorly paid staff are fiercely dedicated. Their passion for justice and a desire to protect your daughters and granddaughters run deep. In spite of seemingly insurmountable challenges, they will continue to persevere against all odds.

But what would really help is to have the support of their communities. This means churches, organizations and individuals should support them with financial contributions and gifts of diapers, baby bottles, formula and cribs.

Here’s how you can do your part. Go to OptionLine. Click on the red square that reads “Find a Center.” Put in your zip code and see how many women’s help centers pop up.

Pick those you feel led to support and call to see what they need most. Please also consider offering your volunteer services. They have a wide variety of jobs that need filling. Men, you’d be surprised how much they can benefit from your help too.

God can use you to help Him minister to those in need. Now. . .what will your answer be?

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