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Planned Parenthood “And I Quote…”

JCWillke   |   October 13, 2011

Where does Planned Parenthood stand on the abortion issue? They’re the largest baby-killing conglomerate in America, having directly killed over 330,000 unborn babies last year, and that number keeps rising every year. It is interesting to look back to the ‘90s when it already had that dubious distinction back then.

Let’s first look at how they view teen sexual activities. Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood said, “There are only two basic kinds of sex—sex with victims and sex without. Sex with victims is always wrong. Sex without victims is always right.” Let’s go to Planned Parenthood in Canada in the summer of 1996. “The solution to negative early sexual experience is to teach young people how to experience sexual pleasure instead of teaching them not to have sex.” Planned Parenthood Federation of America in 1993 said, “The only question is, what’s right for you.”

On abstinence education, Planned Parenthood’s former president, Fay Waddleton, said, “We are not going to be an organization promoting celibacy or chastity. Our concern is not to convey ‘should’s’ and ‘should not’s,’ but to help young people make responsible decisions about their sexual relationships.”

Their National Bulletin took a shot at Dr. James Dobson saying that his “insidious message of sexual safety, exclusively through abstinence, is not only annoying, it’s dangerous.”

Gloria Feldt, president of Planned Parenthood in 1997 stated, “Teaching abstinence alone is a great disservice to young people.”

Planned Parenthood took this position in 1994: “Exclusively urging abstinence, while condemning all non-marital sex, is unrealistic and irresponsible.” I guess, in that case, the Ten Commandments are wrong?

Their 1992 annual report offered a kit that provided information for any person who “wants to implement comprehensive programs, or prevent the implementation of abstinence-only programs.”

What does Planned Parenthood think of parental rights, as contrasted with teenage rights? Well, here’s their mission statement from the early ‘90s: “Planned Parenthood opposes any limitation or restriction on the access of adolescents to confidential reproductive health services, including contraception and abortion.” Their president, Gloria Feldt, said, “We have taken unequivocal stands on many hard issues.” She has “worked for minors’ access to abortion and contraception and has led the way for abortion.”

What about unborn babies? They put out a pamphlet in 1995, called How to Talk to Your Teen. In it they say, “The fetus becomes a baby at birth.” Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood stated, “Babies are NOT sweet little things. They wet and dirty themselves. They get sick. They’re very expensive to take care of.” And from the Minnesota/South Dakota newsletter of Planned Parenthood, “Babies are loud, smelly and expensive, unless you want one.”

In a published statement in October of 1990: “We see abortion as a necessary, desirable service and as an integral part of comprehensive reproductive health care service.” Alexander Sanger, grandson of Margaret Sanger, was quoted saying this: “It’s a breach of the public trust when you’ve graduated from medical school and are licensed in Obstetrics and Gynecology and do not do abortions.”

Once again, here’s Gloria Feldt, this time on abortion: “Reproductive choices, including abortion, are not just legal rights but are recognized as moral necessities without which there can be no liberty.”

How about the link between abortion and breast cancer? Well, here’s one of their pamphlets: “Does abortion cause breast cancer?” Their single word answer was “No.”

And here’s one from Pamela Miraldo, also a president of Planned Parenthood. This was on Dateline NBC in 1994: “Even if it’s solid, good science, to warn women about a breast cancer link, to upset them is clearly irresponsible.”

And finally, do they have an opinion on assisted suicide? Pamela Miraldo does, and here’s what she said in US News & World Report in 1997: “What do you think of assisted suicide?” She answered: “Choice is choice.”

Since the ‘90s Planned Parenthood’s agenda has gotten worse, so we must renew our efforts to stop tax funding of Planned Parenthood, a kingpin of the abortion industry.

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